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  1. Hey y'all, it's been about three years since I've been on this forum. I was the Committee Chair of our troop in Oregon and I had raised some concerns then. We had both a Scout Troop and a Venture Crew with about a dozen kids. Later, we had a Cubs program as well. I was committee chair of our Troop/Crew. At the time there were several large problems: -All the leaders of the troop were from the same family (Son1/Son2/Mother/Father) -The Leaders had promoted Son2, who was Transgender, to be the female leader of the Crew -The Scout Master had left our CO and taken all the gear without in
  2. The problem is that the SM and his family have too much power on the troop. Other poeple have come in and tried to get involved but they get run off. We had an ex-military guy as the ASM for a spell, but our SM and him couldn't stand one another. At one point the SM's kid accused the ASM of hitting his own child; so I had to suspend him while there was investigation. I mean, basically the whole thing is a ******* sideshow. I had pulled my kid out and traded troops before, but my teenager just hated me for since he has friends in this troop. And this SM does do a load of outings, which is good.
  3. HA! MORE DRAMA! If you remember, last September I posted about our SM being kind of a loose cannon and appointing his transgender "sister" as Venture Crew Leader without any input from the CO or the committee. I'm the Committee Chair of the troop. And, really, the level of drama around this troop is too much. I pulled my son, 15, out but he has friends in the troop and begrudged his mother and I for it. So he's back in. Anyway, a couple months back the troop moves meetings from the CO's Church. I ask the SM why and I'm told: "The church blamed us for ruining their carpet and asked us t
  4. It's my understanding that the Charter Organization owns the troop's gear and supplies. Is this correct?
  5. Honestly, I don't know. I know they bring their Scout handbooks every week. I have not been heavily involved. I've gone on a a few outings and such but really left the running of the troop to the SM and ASM until about two months ago. So I'm wondering if the Scouts discuss this stuff.
  6. I appreciate all your words of caution. I certainly don't want the troop to be taken over by adults, I want the boys to do things themselves, be their own leaders. BUt, as EagleDad pointed out, there's got to be a balancing act. After two years of taking 2 hours or more to leave for campouts it's obvious that the boys haven't developed the leadership necessary to get this thing done in a timely manner. Which begs the question: "How do we move them forward without doing it ourselves?" That's why I appointed an adult quartermaster to work with the youth quartermaster to see that we can accom
  7. If I can be so bold, one thing that parents worry about is the lack of organization from the SM end. The question becomes: "Are the boys choosing to eat late and choosing to make dinner on Friday nights, or have the boys not been led to see the possibilities of doing things another way?" The other issue is how long it takes to leave, nothing is ever laid out or sorted in a such a way to load our gear in a timely fashion. Leaving frequently takes 2 hours which pushes dinner back even later. I'm trying to handle that issue and have appointed an adult Quartermaster to help the youth Quartermaster
  8. This train keeps moving right along folks. It seems my recent "authority" has shaken a hornet's nest. There has been some discussion about what to do on campouts on Friday nights when we leave. Currently the troop cooks their own meals. But we frequently leave late and many parents who volunteer have voiced that eating at 9 o'clock at night is unacceptable. This was brought up on the Troop's FB page, wherein things started to get heated. I quickly asked for everything to be deleted and sent out a stern message to all involved to chill out. My decision was that we would politely discuss this at
  9. I'm not a very good horse rider, and a dead one is easy to ride.
  10. Actually, I'm not asking for advice as much as I am complaining. Went on an outing with the boys today and was just aghast when the SM spoke ill of the ASM (and shockingly the ASM's son!) in front of the troop! (Neither the ASM nor his son were present.) At the Committee Meeting last week we agreed to search for a new Crew Advisor. During the trip I got the feeling the SM was passive aggressively telling me to give his brother/sister the position or he'd have the Charter Org over-ride the committee. It was very wink-wink, nudge-nudge. A "The Committee can do whatever it wants but ultimately i
  11. Ugh, my endeavor to increase involvement reveals further problems. How do you handle nasty politics between adults? It seems our SM and ASM don't get along. WTH?
  12. I guess the question becomes what does the US Code suggest? It says it should be destroyed in a dignified way. To me, cutting up a flag, as the adult Eagle did, to make an award for veterans certainly falls into "dignified" to me. In this instance, he took flags and gave each one their own special place and purpose in this world. It's in that act that the flag garners meaning rather than a series of colors and patterns laid out in a specific combination. But, alas, the flag itself is such a controversial topic. I certainly can't fall into the camp that every flag is its own Mona Lisa or Sisti
  13. If people are attempting to be respectful to the flag who are we to question them? The flag isn't some sacred thing, heck, better than half are made in a Chinese sweatshop. It really is just a piece of cloth, not the Shroud of Turin. Here's a guy trying to bring honor to Veterans, his motives are decent. Where's the problem?
  14. Our Committee Meeting went better than expected. I avoided the one on one discussions prior to the meeting which I felt could lead to disaster. Instead I sprung it on everyone which had its own problems but I felt the fallout couldn't be as bad. I imagined the worst and got the best possible response I could have hoped for.
  15. Probably a big deterrent is simply the year yound aspect. You coach football, you get a new group of kids every year, then a break going into basketball, and another in baseball. New parents, new kids, breaks between sports, even if for only 2 or 3 weeks, can be refreshing. Doing scouts every week, working with the same parents? Dealing with the politics? I can see how it can tire people out.
  16. Y'all have given me a lot to think about. As it stands, both Troop and Crew meet the same nights and do many activities at the same time. However, sometimes Troop does things by themselves and so does Crew, though rarely. Mostly, it operates as one group. The other thing that is at issue is that Boy Scouts are Ventures but Ventures are not Boy Scouts. I've been thinking of putting a motion forward to make a clear delineation between the two. If we want to have Ventures and Scouts they shouldn't hold both titles. This had been at issue at the Youth level with the female Crew President "clai
  17. I should have been more specific, I am the Committee Chair for both Troop and Crew. There is no second committee.
  18. So, at the moment, there is no Venture CC. The Committee is a true Troop/Crew committee. I have several issues to head off: A) The selection of this person was done improperly. It needs to go through the committee. I was elected CC prior to the summer, we had no CC prior to that. We had two meetings, then failed to meet in July/August due to hectic schedules. So my last few days have been spent trying to round up parents and personally inviting them to the Committee. B) Stemming off loss. I know we will lose kids to this issue. So how can I approach the leaders, who are really all in
  19. So, first all, thanks for everyone's help. As the Committee Chair of our Troop/Crew I find myself in a conundrum. Yes, somehow a new Crew Advisor was appointed without my consent. I don't know who appointed him. This particular Troop/Crew (hereafter "Troop") is pretty small, about 15 kids total between Scouts/Crew. The Troop has mostly been run by one family for the last two years. Those three or four people have had a lot of influence on the organization, something I've tried to break up for sometime. It's just bad juju to have such a small cluster of power. Your circles of information should
  20. Is there a situation where it's appropriate for the Scoutmaster or Charter Organization to name a new Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor outside of the committee?
  21. Thanks, Ken. I was having a really difficult time finding this online. Would these same principals apply to Venture Scouts as well?
  22. Hello all, I was trying to locate how Scoutmaster and Venture Crew Advisor adult leaders are selected. I combed through Google and could find nothing definitive. Are these positions appointed and, if so, by whom? Or are they elected?
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