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  1. I buy the ceremony arrow from the scout shop for $15.00 and i use a router on a 1" X 4" board and attach hooks that the arrow hangs from. I've been doing this for 5 years and the boys love the award.
  2. In my district we have a leader who has stolen and because of her action 3 boys have dropped out of scouting, when i step up to tell the truth everyone turn against me. even the district chairman tried to kick me out of scouting. How do you follow the scout law and oath and expect the other leaders to do the same, and when they dont what do you do ?
  3. In our Pack we have the Fox Patrol (siblings, girls) they help with fundraisers, go camping, help with service projects. So why not make them a part of the pack. we take materials from the Tiger,Wolf & Bear handbook and apply it to them. I look at it as a support group for the Boys - if the whole family is coming to the meeting and having fun then the boy stays in the program. this is our second year of the Fox patrol and its working.
  4. we had a two man saw, water bottle rocket, a mini pinewood derby race, raingutter raggatta. we did this at two different trailer parks to recruit boys and the manager supplied the hotdogs.
  5. Tiger Cub Flag Retirement Ceremony Note: For young scouts take a moment and explain the difference in burning the flag in a retirement ceremony and the burning of a flag in protest. MC : Today we will retire the American Flag in the tradition of Pack #___________. Tiger Cub 1 : Everyone please rise (pause, wait for everyone to rise) Color Guard Attention (color guard prepares to advance) Color Guard Advance (bring flag forward) Salute Those in uniform salute, all others place your hand across your heart. Color Guard Post Colors (put
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