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  1. skyfiiire

    Helicopter parenting is damaging kids

    Up until the late 1990s, our resident camp program (Massawepie SC) ended and started on the same day. Massawepie is on a 4000 acre reservation, in the middle of the Adirondack Park. Staff's day off was Tuesday into Wednesday. Campers left before lunch on Saturday, and the new troops arrived after lunch on Saturday. This was possible because all troops participated in "trail day". Basically, you arrived at camp Saturday after lunch, and Tuesday afternoon you went camping as a troop anywhere you wanted somewhere on the reservation. You came back Wednesday lunch time, then left camp Saturday lunch time. While the troops were out camping on the reservation Tuesday through Wednesday we all went on day off. One weekend, a scout got hurt out on trail. Mind you, all supervision rules were followed in the GSS, troop leadership was adequate in number and in training, However, NY State came in and said, "where was adult supervision." We showed that the adult leaders where there and trained. "No those are campers. Where was adult supervision?" Oh you mean the staff, they are on their day off, the adult leaders are supervising their scouts...NY State "No they don't count. This accident happened because you neglected to provide supervision." Thus ended a 50-year program feature and tradition of MSC in one evening. Now, most Scouts at our 4000 acre camp have never set foot a football field farther than the dining hall. Most of the amazing outposts are overgrown. But, everyone is so much safer (eye-roll).
  2. skyfiiire

    A week at Local council scout camp or National Scout Camp?

    I can tell you growing up, my troop called no camp home. In fact in my 7 years as a boy we never attended our council's camp, We also alternated even/odd years: even years, we attended a resident camp, odd years we did our own thing for summer camp. I got exposed to some amazing opportunities this way. One year we went to a place called Haliburton Scout Reservation, which is part of Scouts Canada. Haliburton is a resident camp that is completely canoe based: all campsites and activity areas are spaced out around a large lake, and you have to canoe to everything. Never would have experienced that if I went to my local camp every summer.
  3. skyfiiire

    So what do you do for a living?

    I am a program coordinator for a private agency that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities.
  4. I knew there was a reason I liked you. My father and I did Civil War reenacting during my Scout-age years...he still does it. First as part of an artillery unit, then many years as part of the 1st US Signal Corps...I used to amaze the adults with my ability to build a signal tower.
  5. skyfiiire

    "field uniform"

    I didn't encounter these terms until I started working on camp staff in 1993, when it was necessary to distinguish when we were expected have the entire uniform on with a camp staff t-shirt or polo versus the field uniform shirt, versus wearing whatever you wanted to activities like the campers. So we referred to them as Field Uniform and Activity Uniform. And we frowned upon Class A/B.
  6. A couple of you brought up a side topic that really pertains to this budget. As a Scout, I was raised under two great but very different Scoutmasters. From ages 11-14, our first Scoutmaster was all about plop camping. Lots of great fun and learning. Tons of gear I would never want to carry. But my second Scoutmaster was all about backpacking. So I learned a whole different method of camping, which stuck with me as an adult. I'm all about lightweight/ultralight, minimal camping. Camping with only what we can carry several miles comfortably in one trip. So my next question would be: Do I impress my personal preference for camping on the boys? Is there a place for both kinds of camping in a program? Because if I had my way, we'd backpack from the start.
  7. skyfiiire

    Funds held and managed exclusively by CO

    I'm currently functioning as the Treasurer, but I have been involved with another club organized through this CO, and that is how the finances were handled. I think I will meet with the CO Treasurer and see where I get. I agree it is not ideal.
  8. I definitely plan that we will do more backpacking and canoeing in the future as the Scouts become prepared for it. I'd like to have 'some' "plop-camping" equipment available. But it is not my 'personal preference' (does that matter?).
  9. I'm involved in organizing a new troop for a local community center. I have plenty of experience in Scouting, so I've got a decent idea of the equipment needed. Still, I've been pouring over dozens of sites for good comprehensive lists of what troops should have, or should have at a bare minimum. I'll be starting with a small group, probably one patrol, 6-8 boys ages 10-12. Some are currently Webelos, some have no experience, one is transferring as a Tenderfoot. So what I'm trying to put together is a long term plan for our CO (who is committed to helping however is necessary financially), starting with what we need as a bare minimum for the first year of one patrol of new Scouts, and then what gear we need to invest in over the course of the next say 5 years and what we should expect Scouts will provide for themselves through fundraising and personal investment. I never realized until now that I took for granted where all the equipment came from when I was a Scout! Thank you for any advice you can offer, or any resources you know of; -Sky-
  10. Does anyone here have experience running a unit where the finances are completely managed by the chartering organization? I have been voted in as committee treasurer for a new unit; this unit, which is a community center, and all funds raised by the unit, dues, donations, etc. will be deposited into the COs bank account and marked as troop funds by accounting. Any funds we need will need to be requested from the treasurer of the CO. Am I making sense? Does anyone have experience with a unit whose CO wanted it handled this way? Any advice in my role as treasurer? -Sky-
  11. skyfiiire

    Returning to Scouting

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I enjoy coffee but don't drink it every morning. I'm more than willing to pick up a new habit. Awesome! I was born in 1975...but I do remember the feeling when I realized my campers were born the same year I started on staff... Too late...I wandered in there against warnings and was surprised by what I saw. Wondered if I was in the right forum. But...it's good to know people's true feelings on certain issues.
  12. skyfiiire

    Returning to Scouting

    Hello, I'm Steve, from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I've been out of Scouting for 10+ years, but have recently been asked to help form a unit at a local community center. I'm originally from Otetiana Council, Rochester(Webster), NY, now Seneca Waterways Council. I was very active in Scouting as a youth and then a young adult leader and camp staffer. I earned my Arrow of Light, I am an Eagle Scout, and Vigil Honor member of OA. I worked for 10 summers at Massawepie Scout Camps. I attended many regional and national events and trainings, including the 1993 National Jamboree. We'll be starting a Pack first, but probably within the next year we will be starting a Troop. I have very little experience as a Den Leader, but plenty as an ASM, so I am looking forward to starting a troop. My main interest in coming to the forum is to get as much information and advice as I can for a new Scoutmaster and on starting a Troop from the ground up. Looking forward to sharing with everyone. Steve W