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  1. I saw somewhere a list or chart of the new program where ranks can work on almost the same thing. It is 2am so hopefully you understand. For instance - Tiger and Wolf can work on requirements Xx together because the requirements are close. We have a very small pack and the dens meet at the same time. Sometimes den A will meet with den B just because or maybe the leader of den B could not be there. Is there a chart or list of requirements that shows that den A and den B can work on this together?
  2. This is my 18th year in Cubs, my husband 19 years in Boy Scouts. We are in Jackson, Michigan and a small pack and troop. So far in the past two years, we have had four Scouts go from Tiger to Eagle and three more on their heels. We have four sons and one daughter, all Scouts. Our two oldest came close to Eagle but life got in the way. Our third is waiting on word from National on his Eagle. Our fourth is 15 and starting to put his Eagle plans together. Our daughter is a Senior Girl Scout and will start working on her Gold soon. And now we have a 9 month old grandson that will start his
  3. I agree about the sky-rocket prices. The scout store was at a roundtable and I bought some books there. Holy Cow! I was not ready for the sticker shock. I think we need to do a quick fundraiser to help the parents in paying for things.
  4. Dave used to be a scouter in my area, Brooklyn Michigan. It has been years and years since he has disappeared from the scouting scene. I bet I have most of the pow wow books in the basement in boxes. I collected them and rarely used them, thus why they are packed away. Either the garage or basement. At the time they were fun and cool, since then (18 years of cubbing) I have forgotten about them.
  5. Our pack meets three of the four Tuesdays in June, July and August. We meet as a pack and not necessarily individual dens. This summer we grabbed the new books and are working on at least one elective per rank. We are finishing up on Air of the Wolf and Robotics. Yes, all four ranks work at some level on the requirements even though the Adventure Loops will be awarded to the proper ranks in September. In the past, we worked on belt loops and pins, this year we are doing our best to incorporate the new Adventure Loops in the summer. One year, we cut back to one meeting a month and lost
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