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  1. Hitawtunhe

    Ordeal Ceremony Responsibilities

    Did I read that correctly? All OA members MUST serve on a Lodge committee? How is that going to work?
  2. Hitawtunhe

    Denner cords~who pays?

    Since this is such a small cost, the Pack usually purchases the Den Chief cords.
  3. Hitawtunhe

    New pre ordeal ceremony?

    New Brotherhood Ceremony? Are there digital copies available?
  4. Hitawtunhe

    OA Sash Questions

    Very well put. Uniform is uniform.
  5. Hitawtunhe

    Can a SM ban OA elections?

    The minute that Boy Scout Troops become political, is the minute that they become a disservice to their youth. This all needs to be brought up at a committee meeting with all members present.
  6. Hitawtunhe

    Ordeal Ceremony Responsibilities

    I about jumped out of my shoes when I saw that your Lodge Ceremony Team was writing the ordeal script. That's a No-No. In reference to your original question, think of this as an opportunity for your chapter ceremony team! Help your youth recruit chapter members to take on this new responsibility! Until you have a rehersed team, invite a ceremony team from another chapter to preform at your Chapter Ordeal. As long as the ceremony Arrowmen are youth, it doesn't matter what chapter they are from. Also, worse case senario, Ceremonialists are permitted to read off of the (established, National) script. It isn't as impressive as having the lines memorized, but it will work in a pinch.