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  1. Thanks! Lot's of good ideas. Btw, 800+ people at the little league opening day parade. Yikes! One of the three Tiger cubs almost ran for the hills but they all did it and did it well. Very proud. The pack leader stopped by and said he'd like to have the flag repaired and work something out with the award ribbons. There is hope after all
  2. Good ideas. But, we meet in the school gym and store our flag(s) in the closet etc. Storing and finding a place to set and display shadow boxes would be difficult, at best. They've been traditionally displayed with the flag at den/pack meetings so moving them to the charter organization is not an option. The one idea I've had, rough at this point, is maybe buy a few birch or oak dowels around 6'. Drill holes every 4" or so and attach ribbons to the holes, one on each side if necessary. One side would be better because we could hang the staffs sideways and the ribbons would hang separatel
  3. My pack has the pack flag on a staff and 50 or more unit award ribbons lashed onto an O ring at the top of the staff. They getting to be a mess. The oldest one I've found thus far is from 1954! I'm wondering how other packs display their unit award ribbons. I'm looking for ideas.
  4. pstar

    Dues question

    Fyi, here's the ceremony and oath I presented to and had the scouts recite when they received their staffs. Scout Hiking Staff Ceremony Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, spoke at great length of the need for a Scout to have a basis of strength and support as he goes on a journey. In his first drawing of a Scout, it showed a boy with a staff in his hand. The hiking staff has long been a symbol of a journey. By trusting in the strength, support and guidance of the staff, you are much more likely to have a safer journey. Always looking for ways to tie scouting to d
  5. pstar

    Dues question

    The staffs came in 6' lengths and I cut them down to 5'. They are either 1" or 3/4" in diameter, I don't recall right now. Birch is a good option as it's a hardwood and strong but not as heavy or expensive as some other hardwoods. I sprayed a light clear coat on them to pull out the wood grain and rubbed them down with baby powder when dry to remove any tackiness. I drilled the top holes, three, using a small bit for a pilot hole and then a larger bit after to avoid splitting the wood. I highly recommend doing the following hand grip wrap with para cord or similar rope. I also suggest you leav
  6. pstar

    Dues question

    Thanks for the replies. The den meeting was last night. I did contact the pack leader and he told me it would be fine. He had previously told me I should be collecting dues at den meetings which I never did before. The staffs were Birch dowels I bought at Home Depot and really nice quality. We had a nice ceremony with an oath taken by the scouts to reinforce the importance of the staff and the privilege they have entrusted to them to have it. We also touched on it would be taken from them if they did not act responsibly with it. I instructed the scouts with their parents on how to tie a
  7. pstar

    Dues question

    I'm a Tiger cub den leader. Thus far I haven't collected any dues at meetings. The parents who have led den activities relating to attaining the tiger cub rank have paid for and provided their own supplies. On the last outdoors section for the coming den meeting I'm going to have the boys make scout hiking staffs. I've purchased 9 birch sticks and various supplies to do so to the cost of $60. This is a chunk of change to me. I don't think the other parents spent anywhere near this amount. Is it ok for me to send a note out I'll be collecting dues to split this cost? For some reason I f
  8. I will rotate them. I'm aware of the parent/scout team concept. I suppose it works in some cases. in mine, getting parent participation is extremely difficult. Parents are often texting throughout the meeting. I've politely brought up the above theme to no avail. I'm not going to force the issue and drive scouts out of the program. Agreeing on a meeting night once a month took weeks. Boyscouttrail.com specifically says every den should have denners. I don't see any downside in this minimal responsibility position for 7 year olds. I have a 7 year old right now so I know what he and his fri
  9. I plan to read it. Washington is so corrupt now. We have a president who is currently rewriting or throwing out legislation of which he is not legally allowed to do. The corruption is on both sides of the aisle. Politicians are elected and then pass legislation based not on the will of the majority but on perpetuating their power in Washington. Power of the people needs to be returned to the states. Good thread.
  10. This question is an offshoot of another question I posted so thought I'd start a new thread. Sort of a long background, hope it's not too boring... I'm a Tiger den leader, 9 boys around 7 yrs old. I noticed their very little formality to the pack. I researched and have initiated a come to attention routine and with scouting the command is Alert. So I call Line Up, the boys form a line with their right hand on the next boys shoulder. I then call Scout, Alert and they assume an Attention stance...salute...at ease and so on. There is one boy who buys in and does it perfectly and my son
  11. Thanks for the replies. As it turns out, the pack leader did pick them up for me and gave them to me at the pack meeting. I made my son the Denner and another boy the assistant Denner. They both have shown the most leadership so far and deserve the first turn. Some of the other parents gave sort of a cold reception to it at the den meeting even though I told everyone it is a temporary position and boys who are interested in increased leadership (helping out) etc. could have an opportunity in a month or so. I think full uniforms are important, shirts tucked in etc and I'm enforcing it. Th
  12. I'm thinking of initiating a denner position in my Tiger cub den. Do the funds to purchase it come from teh pack fund or do I have to pass the hat in the den meeting. The pack has paid for all other emblems, patch's, loops, pins etc. Seems like they should pick this up too.
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