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  1. We set the schedule at the beginning of the year. Same day each week. Since we have to ask the county for permission to use the school rooms, we need to commit to this when we submit for the permit. As a Tiger Leader last year, I was told "if you volunteer, you can have input on the schedule" this is a strong draw in our pack to get adult leaders to give their time. After almost two years, the meetings are on the same nights, same room, same everything. This way, when considering other activities, (sports, etc.) my den parents know they will have meetings those nights. We also post all
  2. Each year in advance of Pinewood Derby I have my den do "pinewood slides" for that months program. Yes, no tigers with glue guns or knives, we simply had them bring hot wheel car, I provided the pvc pipe (painted some blue, gold, and black) with a couple holes drilled in it to give the glue some holding power. They decorate the pipe with a name, car name, den number, etc... and we glue on the car. We also have the boys do one for our scoutmaster each year and present it to him as a gift on race day. It is a nice project and gets them charged up before the Derby each year. Hope that helps.
  3. We have a good website with a calendar that is updated all the time. In my den, I also email weekly to give schedule updates, etc... Even with all that, we never get 100 percent of participation, but I get a lot of comments that between the emails and the calendar posts, people have a good idea of where the need to be and when. I always put the pack website in my signature to encourage people to go to the calendar and use it as well. I like the email to text feature, I may try that. I have a lot of tech savvy people in my den.
  4. Does anyone know what is the new standard for becoming an air rifle rangemaster? I read somewhere that BSA is moving more toward NRA standards? In other words, if we wanted to have someone from our pack get trained to use the local council range, what is needed? Thanks.
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