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  1. The WW II generation, my father's generation, are and were giants on the Earth. I don't believe we will ever see a more selfless generation. I know my own generation, the baby boomers, could not, nor don't have the right to carry their lunch boxes. I know many WW 2 vets, and they are passing from us at an alarming rate. The WW 2 generation is indeed the greatest generation.
  2. Campcrafter either I didn't receive it, or I am not seeing the link on the tool bar for private messages. On ohter forums that have private messaging you will usually have a notice and a link to click for private messages. Either way, I don't have your message.
  3. OhAdam, Good for you. The UU is a great place with fine friendly folks. I thoroughly have enjoyed openness of the people, and the friendly atmosphere. It is my sincerest hopes that you have the same experience. I know that I have learned much over the last four years. The books are all great reads too. I have plenty more titles if you are interested If you like you can email me at BobAnon57@yahoo.com
  4. Okay Ed I am not a preacher or sunday school teacher who will feed you information like pablum. I supplied you with titles, now its up to you. Hunt I believe that the BSA would accept the charter of a new unit where the CO was a white supremist church as quickly as they would one from a Baptist Church. Why, its plain and simple......money.
  5. OldGreyEagle, I have been everything from a Den Leader to a Crew Advisor, Commisioner, yada, yada yada. Right now I am between jobs (so to speak), and not sure if I want to continue with Scouting. I am pretty well burned out. And as you can tell from my post I do have some differing opinions with mainstream Scouting. That goes double down here in the Bible Belt. Ed again I will not do the leg work for you. I can post one instance after another but you will not believe me. You have to do it on your own. Your unwillingness is from one of three reasons: is it that you are too
  6. "There is widespread faking of numbers in BSA - the rule - according to a professional - is "don't get caught." And BSA will make determined efforts to cover a professional's tail when he is challenged." So much for TRUSTWORTHY.
  7. I don't necessarily believe that churches would suffer. If religion promotes discrimination maybe they need to die out. I say let it be and allow the whithering hand of superstition to grip us no more. I for one do not seen the omnipotent creator as anything but a loving God. He may not be interested in the affairs of man, but he is still a force of unconditional love, and the face it the god of the bible is anything but loving, especially unconditionally. First of all it is not the responsibility of the Federal Government to define marriage. Marriage in the eyes of government sho
  8. The funny thing is I can see the BSA accepting a Troop or Pack who's Charter Organization is a white supremest church. Ed, you are going to have to make the journey yourself. I did, and nobody held me by the hand, or showed me the way. Doing the research on your on makes it more valid and more believable to yourself. I could tell you one item after another yet you wouldn't believe simply because you didn't sweat to find the truth on your on. I will relent and give you an easy source though. Obtain a copy of Dr. Israel Finklestein and Neil Silberman's book "The Bible Unearthed
  9. Ed you need to come to your own conclusions. It is not my place to undermine what you believe. With that said, if you want to look into the issue further you'll need to spend some time and effort reading. I suggest: "The Fallible Gospels" by Graham Lawrence. This shows where many of tales of the bible originated. An example is the already mention 10 Commandments being taken from a Zorastorian legend of their 15 Commandments. "The End of Faith" by Sam Harris "Stealing Jesus" by Bruce Bawer (this really isn't a work disproving religion, but gives a consise history of fundmen
  10. Ed extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You can "know" in your heart until the cows come home that God gave man the bible, but that doesn't make it true. There are several text that make the claim that it is the gift of god to man. Which one is the real book of God? I say none for God's business isn't the Book of The Month Club.
  11. SaintCad it is nothing more than pick and choose theology. The unbending approach that Ed and ones like him take toward Christianity forces them to pick and choose what parts of the bible they support. Areas like Leviticus and all the nonsensical laws therein, is one example of a part they would avoid like the plague. Jesus said that he didn't bring a new law but came to support the old law. Which was the law of Moses, and those outlined in Leviticus. However, this point is ignored for convienience sake. Ed, I did point out where the ten commandments came from. That is factual
  12. Ed before you go admonishing people about the bible, it might be in your best interest to do a little studying yourself. the Bible is fraught with contradictions. These inconsistencies are proof that the Bible is of human and not divine origins. Only fundamentalist christians take a literalist view of the bible. Lets look at some of the inconsistencies: Two different creation stories - Genesis 1:1-2:3, and Gensis 2:4-25 The creation of Eve - Gensis 1:27, and Genesis 2:20-22 A side note on Noah and the Ark. Consider this Ed; There are over 250,000 varieties of beetles in
  13. Brent you ask why I left the Presbyterian Church instead of staying and changing it. I will tell you why. I attended the Presbyterian Church for over 40 years, and I loved it. I especially loved the congretation of my specific church for I had known many for most, if not all my life. It was familiar and family. The reason I walked away, and trust me it was one of the hardest things I have ever done, was because when I reflected on my own true beliefs they were not instep in the least with the Presbyterian Church or Christianity for that matter. If I have to put a label on my beli
  14. Brent Allen, You posted: "Do y'all think there is a large group inside the BSA who wants this policy to change?" Let me start off by saying that I do not like the homophobic extremist, nor do I like the in your face gay extremist. Extremist from either side of the argument loose me early on. We all know homosexual people. When I have cause to discuss the gay issue I think of those gays whom I know or have known. When talking about gays I think it better to put a human face on them instead of thinking of them as "those people". I believe by and large people are more ti
  15. I am not against free association per se. However, I do not support activities that discriminate against people. Espcially when it is discrimination based on unsound reasoning. The BSA can stay it's current course and see further marginilization and a more and more hostile society. I hate seeing the BSA in such a position, and do not like Scouts seen by society as a bunch of little Eichmanns. The reasoning behind the current practices of barring homosexuals is due to the religious teaching of one religious tradition, namely the religions that started with Abraham. The BSA sho
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