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  1. My former Pack started holding the Arrow of Light ceremony and Crossover at the same time (Blue and Gold; end of February) for various reasons that served Troops and our Pack well. First, in our Pack, the Webelos 2 dens had pretty much completed their program by January. After a boy completed all of the Arrow of Light requirements, we encouraged them to join the Troop of their choosing immediately. Momentum is important to retaining boys in the Scouting program. When our crossover was in March, we lost boys between the Blue and Gold and the "crossover ceremony" because they were bored with Web
  2. Interesting responses. My boys are 5 years apart - 14 and 9. My oldest is a Star Scout who was asked by our SM to assist me (parent, ASM and W1 DL) with running our Webelos 1 patrol. Note that I didn't say "den." His charge is to assist me and my two reluctant co-leaders in forming a pretty close group of 4th graders into a "patrol." So he works the patrol method in and we'll take it from there when he finishes the 6 months. He's made some headway since July 1. One of the co-leaders monitors and reports on his performance to the SM. We get responsible, experienced assistance fr
  3. Hey, that's a topic that's dear to my heart, too. I'm the ASM for New Scouts in my troop and part of that role is to serve as the mentor for the TG's and the Instructors. BTW, it's easy to get TG's. I usually use former PL's and SPL's that need their POR for Eagle. ;-) It's also a coincidence that I'm sitting in our annual PLC planning session (right now) and this came up. Here's what I do: (1) TG's participate in the NSP's patrol meeting. They are part of the Leadership Corps, right there with the SPL and ASPL's. They are NYLT trained. (2) They have to pass my evaluat
  4. I'm just as curious too, however, at a more detailed level. You see, our District Activities/Service Chair asked me to direct the next Webelos Woods in our District. There was no WW last year, so the institutional memory is gone. If any of you know details about the planning/staffing/financing, etc., of a Webelos Woods, Webelos-Ree, what-have-you, I would appreciate your input. Send me a PM if you want to send me planning outlines. I'm going to get lots of help, and definitely from the Boy Scout side. YiS, watercub I used to be a Bear... 92-50
  5. I concur with all of the above, and it's what we use. I use two TG's - it ensures we have one at every meeting. Man, I agree with Beavers? Not too bad for this sluggish Bear.
  6. I'm about to use the new and old materials to do a JLT/TLT/whatever in March. I won't forget the pizza. I was going to take a similar approach to EagleInKY in that me and the SPL were going to blend in elements of Wood Badge, NYLT and the JLT book. I found TLT shockingly light. Getting the leaders to have a vision of what can be and guiding them towards that vision is becoming a Scouter emphasis again in our Troop. This Troop Leader Training seems to be taken much more seriously than in the past. In the past, it was "we need to do this thing so we can get leaders to Green Bar..."
  7. Brent, Congratulations, and excellent choice! I'll be doing the same since my ticket is Troop-based. When my fellow Bear and I returned from the two weekends, there was a COH later in the month, and three of us working our tickets were recognized by the Scoutmaster. It's a big deal in our Troop. Robert Burns, a/k/a the watercub, and a good old Bear, too. T477 & P477 - Hightower Trail District AAC 92-50
  8. I appreciate all of the positive feedback I have received. There were lots of great ideas to take to the next PLC meeting. The PLC found it very unique when I asked them for their help, so as a newer ASM I realized there had to be a heavier adult presence in the past few years. I would love nothing more than for the boys to completely run the Troop. We're not back there yet. Happy holidays!
  9. I am an ASM in our Troop and I'm working with our training chairman to update the Troop JLT to a much more relevant leadership experience and teambuilding exercise. I'm guessing that somebody has already done something like this, so I'll sketch out what I have in mind and see what you think. * The seminar is held twice a year, when the new leadership is appointed or elected. * Because it's not training, you can't "take it" once and never again. * One of the goals is to have activities that encourage the Troop leaders to act as a team. I've never seen NYLT, but I was in Wood Badge, an
  10. We just had our Troop/Webelos campout. The Webelos had plenty of camping experience, so it was no trouble setting them up as a patrol. The parents that came along enjoyed the Troop camping. I'll have to admit, it was one of the better Troop (Scouts and Leaders) turnouts at an outing. We were also blessed with the participation of some of our senior scouts, including the SPL, ASPL and two PL's. The reason it was an attractive outing was that it was a shooting sports outing. My lesson learned is to find something to do that is enjoyable for the Scouts and the Webelos, and includes all of t
  11. I hope this gets some feedback. Last year when we went to camp, the boys had absolutely nothing to do with the planning for their week at camp. The worst part was how they spent some of their down time. I, the SM and a few other ASMs are working on getting the boys to start leading their troop again. I was asked to run all of the logistics for this years' camp, and another of the ASMs will be the SM for camp. I get to be the "planner" and that was one of my ticket goals. Do any of you have experience with having the PLC designate a few Scouts (who are going) to help with the planning of t
  12. I agree with the early crossover concept. I think that this year, the Pack's WDLs will go along. (1) The Pinewood Derby is in January (2) The B&G is first weekend of March, so they are done then. The CM has always scheduled Crossover for late March, and the boys had qualified for their AOL in January. My son (different pack) went over in February and had a big hand in scheduling his Summer Camp schedule (important with our camp!) The other boys, restless and bored, had their schedules planned for them because online scheduling opened on 4/1 - their first Troop Meeting was a wee
  13. I like the "Big Book of Games" on macscouter.com and boyscouttrail.com. I use it in both the Cub Scout and Boy Scout program. For Cubs, I stay away from anything that can break out in open warfare - ball games are popular, as is our annual Oreo Stacking Contest. Good luck!
  14. I was wondering if anybody knew of a database tool, even a crude one, that was used to inventory patrol and troop equipment and even track checkouts and usage. I figured somebody had to develop that.... If anybody knows, either post it or send a PM. Thanks!
  15. Our Troop is a regular at Woodruff S.R. in North Georgia, and yes, I saw troops from LA during our week. Great camp, great staff, good facilities. I thoroughly recommend it, but only the July weeks are open now. It's very popular. I know a Scoutmaster in Mandeville, LA, whose troop has gone to Camp Comer in northeast Alabama twice. I believe they plan on going to Skymont SR in Summer 2006. Skymont is on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee and has an excellent rock climbing program. I hear great things about both Skymont and Comer in the high adventure department. I'd also advise th
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