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  1. Does anyone have any specific information on positives or negatives for Camp Orr in 2008 and 2009? Are there any other camps nearby that a Troop from South Louisiana should consider?
  2. Does anyone have any recent information about Camp Orr in northern Arkansas or other camps near there?
  3. So does that mean that the minimum requirement for an Eagle Scout is to be on the mailing list for the Troop weekly newsletter, to be registered, and not to have been kicked out of the Troop? Even if the Scout has not attended a meeting or activity for two years? (What if they have attended one campout over two years and that's it?)
  4. I am reading your thread on this topic with interest. Our troop has a case of a Scout who basically failed his Eagle Board of Review because of lack of Troop participation the last two years and a devastating lack of Scout spirit in selfish reasoning for this. So what is the National Standard for "Active"? What is the requirement for participation in ones Troop when one is going for Eagle Scout?
  5. Our Baton Rouge troop went to Camp Orr in 2004 and were pleased with it overall. We rated Camp Comer in Alabama (2006) a little higher. Someone I work with went to Camp Blass and had excellent things to say about it.
  6. Thanks to all for the interesting information you have posted. We are from Baton Rouge, LA, and after a fair amount of research attended Camp Comer last year. The food was bad and plentiful. Some parts of the program could have been more rigorous, but were not bad. The Boys loved the Ocoee WhiteWater Raft trip. The weather was wonderful. Overall, we were happy with our choice. We are looking in the same area for 2007. We have heard good information about Bert Adams and Sidney Dew (both GA) and Skymont (TN). Woodruff, Rainey Mountain, Daniel Boone, Palmetto/Bob Hardin, and Camp
  7. Our troop is looking for recommendations or feedback on summer camps for 2006. We are in Baton Rouge, LA, and are looking at camps that would be within one LONG day's drive (i.e., a radius out to something like Camp Daniel Boone in N.C.). Ideally we'd like something where there is a High Adventure program for a couple of days for the older Scouts in parallel with the (apparent) usual Merit Badge sessions and First Year Scout advancement sessions. So what summer camps in this part of the country have knocked your socks off, and why? PS. We went to our local district camp, Camp Avon
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