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  1. The real question is; Is she hot? I kid I kid. I am in the opposite situation. My girls are in Girl Scouts and they want me to go camping with the troop as well as attend other troop activities. My wife is the troop leader and I am registered as well, but we have a two year old son. The only way I go camping is if he stays with his grandmother or aunt for the weekend. If it is a family type event we all go, if not, and we can't make arrangements for the little guy, he and I stay home. None of the parents seem to care that I go camping with them. Maybe because I coach or have coac
  2. Men are evil- that's it. I am registered as a commitee member, as is one the other fathers in the troop. My wife if the troop leader. What gets me the most is, it's fine that we're there when it comes to the heavy lifting, dirty work, wood splitting etc.. but when it comes interaction with the girls it's a whole different story. None of the parents have said anything and are fine with it, and the girls think it's great, the outsiders are the nay-sayers. I have never been one to worry about the opinion of others and will not let them stop me from being involved, I just had to vent.
  3. I do know how much money has been spent, but much of the repairs were needed before the floods.
  4. I started in scouting as a Cub Scout and we had den mothers. In Boy Scouts I worked on summer camp staff we had a woman as health officer, and a few of the troops had female adult leaders and it was no big deal. We didn't make them sleep off by themselves, or give them their own chemical toilets to use in camp. When my daughters became involved in Girl Scouts I figured I would get involved and registered as a leader. But on the first camping trip I attended I couldn't help but notice a few stares, and overheard a few mumbled comments. Now I know most of the girls in the junior troop, and the b
  5. Treasure Island Scout Reservation has been closed indefinitley. Dr. Goodman is probably turning over in his grave. http://www.colbsa.org/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.asp?LinkKey=2308&orgkey=541
  6. I am new to the forum. I am just getting back into Scouting as an adult. I was very involved when I was younger having worked on summer camp staff at Treasure Island(which sadly was just closed) and very invlolved in the OA(Unami). Except now I am helping my wife with her Girl Scout troop, and waiting for my little guy(2yo) to be old enough to join Tiger Cubs.
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