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  1. Venturing is high adventure true, it can be a canoe on a lake, a whitewater rafting trip on a rowdy river, it can also be ham radio, cheerleading, painting a picture, photographing a mountain lake, or drawing a sketch of a city park. This is Venturing and these are only samples of high adventure, some need a backpack, and some need a bicycle, some a camera and some an easel and paints and brushes and an open imagination. Some is also service in your community and some is also service to a BSA camp or being with special needs youth and helping them. See High Adventure can be anywhere.
  2. Venturing is a varied program,but most traditional scouts and scouters feel that it is only a high adventure program and that is wrong the whole program has 5 clusters with many specialties in those 5 clusters. Venturers can climb mountains true, but they can play jazz, paint pictures, sail boats, canoe lakes, have a bike hike in the country or in a city, have a crew in a high school marching band, cheerleaders, and even the neighborhood high school sports team can be a Venture crew. Venturing at best in diversity, and on the move.
  3. Corps of Discovery is needed, adults need to introduce it to youth and then let youth run it. Councils need to promote it to Venturing adults and youth. OA Lodges need to look at this as a cooperative opportunity. Let's get rid of this competition between Venturers and Boy Scouts and the nit picking. So what if COD would be co-ed, this just might take some of the pressure off of OA to accept female Venturers. And forge a lasting friendship, imagine that unity in scouting.
  4. Is all Venturing just the outdoor and high adventure program? And how can a specialty interest crew get started? I feel that the specialty interest Venturing crew idea could be a balance to councils where there are many outdoor and high adventure crews and not many of the other specialties. Balance the program, instead of putting our emphasis on just too much of the same thing.
  5. Since for youth or adults to be in the OA they have to be registered in a BSA program, why can't Venturers who are in the OA still wear the OA patch on the spruce green shirt. The reason why a group of female Venturers do not want the male Venturers who are in OA not to wear the patch is because of jealousy, not inequality, Now we have all heard of the COD (Corps of Discovery) Now if the crew was really interested in democracy and diplomacy they would get involved in the COD either on the crew or council level, and if a Venturing committee in the council, wanted to even all the ends and make i
  6. Venturing in other parts of the country are looking into a program that was proposed in 1999 called the Corps of Discovery this program was proposed by Venturers for Venturers. Now I just became an OA member and I know of a few Venturers who are in the OA but it was because they were elected into the Order when they were Boy Scouts, and the Venturers that are in the OA also hold Eagle which was earned in the troop. But what I understand that if a male Venturer was nominated to the OA while in a troop or team, and even if they leave the troop or team can continue their OA membership as long as
  7. To all who are interested The Northeast Region, Area 4 Venturing Officers Association are presenting Quest 2007 and all Venturers, Sea Scouts and their guests are invited. This is the 2nd Annual Quest the first one was at Camp Tuckahoe in York-Adams Council BSA in York County Pa. Quest 2007 will be at Camp Bashore one of the council camps for the Pennsylvania Dutch Council BSA and it is on the weekend of April 13-15, 2007 the theme for the Quest this time is Fiesta Questa and there is a plethora of activities for youth to get involved in, adults can do training sessions, siesta, discussion for
  8. Does anyone have a copy of the Venturing Specialty Codes this can be obtained from usscouts.org/venturing/specialcode.html this has the specialty codes that the Venturing program uses and which was separated out of the total pre-98 Exploring program. Now ask any DE that has knowledge of the program Venture crews are as diversified as what the pre-98 Exploring program was. Please also note that these specialties are mostly, hobbies, avocational interests,religion or sports and outdoors specialties. Then at a crew meeting pass out a Venturing Interest Survey and have the youth fill it out and us
  9. Why not use a european approach after Boy Scouts wedge Varsity between the Troop and Crew Programs up Venturing's age to 17 or 18 and continue to age 21 and use the young adults in leadership or like a Rover Program. In Venturing continue the specialty interest idea but make it more like Scouting instead of Scouting Lite. Where this would be a continual line of scouting, but also young men and women could still join the Venturing program, and encourage Varsity to continue in making events open to young women, but not team membership. Or Option 2 a pre-Venturing Program that introduces youth to
  10. Why is BSA Traditional Programs in decline?It is all over the program and not just in Venturing. What can be done to remedy this problem. Our audience today youth from 6-20 years old is over taxed. Between school activities, other youth activities, teams, school band, jobs,cheerleading, Religious youth programs, and on top of all this, most of the youth that are interested in scouting are the over achievers. We have good programs in BSA generally and in Venturing specifically but are we relevant today? There is a stereotypical viewpoint that all Venturing crews are all Outdoor oriented and th
  11. In consideration of previous posts. VHS should have a vision and mission statement and core requirements or considerations for nomination and election. First of all I do not think that copying the OA would be a good idea. Secondly Venturing is a seperate part of BSA and should reflect that even in an honor society. Venturing although a part of the traditional BSA is about the future. It has specialties and clusters and they should be reflected in the VHS, it should not just be about one area of Venturing but about all areas. It should also reflect the Venturing Oath and Code, In all honesty it
  12. Concerning a Venturing Honor Society, I do not mean continuing to hope that the OA will eventually open up to female Venturers, I sincerely do not think that will happen. But what I do think could happen is that there could be a Venturing Honor Society that serves all of Venturing. All crews of all specialties and clusters could have a VHS election. 2 goals of this organization would be 1. Equal membership for Male and Female Venturers, showing that Venturing is open to both and can work in an equal manner. 2. Service to community, crew, Venturing and BSA in that order. Venturing Honor Society
  13. I am very interested in what opinions are held by my brother and sister Venturers about Venturing Honor Societies similar to the Corps of Discovery a society that was proposed in 1999 and what some Sea Scouts (Sea Explorers) proposed in 1995 known as the Order of the Trident. I for one am tired of Venturers getting the rotten end of the stick. Venturing young men and women should have equal if not seperate opportunities as the young men in troops and teams. Venturing is making some headway on creation of National Quartermaster Association for Sea Scouts and a 2005 proposal of a National Silver
  14. I am presently an associate advisor in a new crew and at the last crew meeting this past Monday evening I proposed that the crew do model rockets for an activity and they agreed and seemed excited about this. Are there any crews out there that have done this and can they give us any advice?
  15. I recently became a chairman and the only member of a District Venturing Committee and I am a District Committee Member with a strong advocacy for Venturing and Sea Scouts and I also work with our council VOA on occasion. We need to get some new ideas for activities for a District Venturing Activity I contacted a deep sea fishing outfit in New Jersey and we have a Rock Climbing Gym in our area which seems to be popular with the youth in both Boy Scouts and Venturing here. But I would like to come up with a Mountain Man Rendezvous and I do not think Council or District are much interested, they
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