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  1. Back from this summer camp and just like last year when I had to run into to town for an quick trip the boys, along with the direction of the Scoutmaster, hung all my gear up in the trees in our campsite!! This year when I had to go into town the boys, with the direction of the Scoutmaster, set up all my gear down at the lake front. My cot, tote, chair, along with my little tent rug all set up nice and neat so I would have a view of the lake. They, once again, loved it!!!
  2. I just got back from SC. I had the boys shrink wrap the Scoutmaster and another ASM's clothes to their bunks. It took 15 minutes for those guys to get that stuff off. In retaliation they called the boys to hang all my clothing, bunk, sleeping bag, etc from all the trees in our camp site. It took me 1 1/2 hours to cut all my stuff out of the trees!!! The boys loved every minute of it.
  3. Try this from Google. It is a map of the earth that you can download for free. You can see the satellite images of the entire earth in some cases clearly down to within 1000'. Check it out. http://earth.google.com/
  4. We just had our Cross-Over and one of the den leaders gave each boy the Boy Scout black book cover and had their names sewn down the spine in red letters. It was really impressive.
  5. We have just started a new Boy Scout Troop and picked up 26 new Scouts in addition to the 9 we started with. We are looking for an induction ceremony that could be done at the first camp-out. Any ideas? Thanks, Texas Scouter
  6. We hold garage sales. We get members and friends to donate items then sell them a little higher than you might find in a normal garage sale. Then we contact the local resale shop at the end and they come pick up the rest. Quick money with little effort
  7. Try this one from Troop 679. They charge $10 for the plans and I have built one and I have more compliments on this box than I can count. http://www.troop679.org/
  8. Guys, Thanks for the reply's!! SM424 I tried to check on the Suncast website and could not find anything listed with those #'s. If there is another web site I can visit please advise. Thanks, Texas Scouter
  9. Does anyone have any new ideas or thoughts on Camp Kitchen Boxes. I looked at the previous post and the plans back in 2000 but was wondering if any new ideas have been thought up. Looking to see what works, what doesn't work. Sizes? Weight? Etc.
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