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  1. Hi all, I'm hoping to find an Cub Scout group outside of the US that would be interested in forming a 'brotherhood' with our pack in the Atlanta area. I'm thinking it would be good to expose the boys to different nationalities and compare the similarities and differences of scouting in another country. We could swap some pictures throughout the year, maybe do some video introductions, and basically let the boys share their experiences via email or penpals or video clips. Any non-US packs interested? Tim
  2. " Fred, I'm an atheist activist and I work for atheists' rights." Merlyn, are you really working for atheists rights, or are you just working against Christians?
  3. Thanks a bunch, I knew I'd get a great answer from the forum. td
  4. I'm a faily new committee leader and we have a new Webelos I den/patrol that is struggling with whether to go blue or khaki and, if khaki, whether it should be 'earned'. Most of the boys have their blue uniforms from their previous rank, but we do have a transferring Webelos that has his khaki and all the boys want it. I like the idea of having the 'earn the priviledge' of wearing the khaki but not sure of an appropriate accomplishment to tie to this. Any experience or ideas would be greatly appreciated. TD
  5. Thanks Bob, I bet you didn't even have to look those page numbers up! Last question (unrelated): Is there a way to receive posts via email for scouter.com? I get emails related to my threads or the threads I mark to watch, but wondering if there is a way to monitor specific forums? TD
  6. I can't find the answer to this question anywhere - not on the Immediate Recognition Kit nor the Bear handbook: Will I award my new bears a red bead when they complete each of the four sections (God, Country, Family, Self), or do they get a bead each time they complete 25% of their Bear requirements (3 achievements). Thanks for the help! TD
  7. Great! Thanks for the guidance. TD
  8. As a young pack, we really haven't established a summer program and I was looking to do so this year. During the last two years we have started the scouting year along the timeline of the start of the school year. I was a bit surprised to read in the Cub Scout Program Helps that the scouting year starts in June, not Sept. So it seems that my Wolves will become Bears in June and can start working on their Bear achievements? Question, if I have some Wolves who did not achieve their Wolve badge should I encourage them to use the summer to finish Wolve and start working on the Bear badge in t
  9. Thanks all for the feedback. I think I'll register as DL for now, although looking back on the older post that 2cub provided it looks like that could cause a problem as Bob White as stated we must have a CC named. We are a new unit, having started our second year this fall and not sure how we got around the rule last year since our cubmaster fulfilled the CC roll. t
  10. I've volunteered for two roles in our pack: Den Leader and Committee Chair. I see I can only register in one position and would appreciate any guidance. I'm interested in achieving the Den Leader Award, but it seems a requirement is to be a REGISTERED Den Leader for at least a year. Is that a strict requirement? It seems that our pack really needs an officially registered Committee Chair. Thanks for the help. t
  11. Hi all, I'm new to cub scouting and was just asked by our DL to take over as his job has changed and he travels much more now. So I'm cramming (first class this weekend)! Question on the Immediate Recognition Kit: Our boys are Wolfs, so do they just have one cord dangling with their wolf beads or do we also have the empty bear cord on the plastic badge? Thanks, td
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