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  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'm going to discuss it with our den leaders next to get their input. We do schedule months in advance but we catch lots of grief sometimes for using the facilities "too much". But I think having den meetings off-site won't be such a bad thing and will keep everyone happy. We are growing fast and hope we don't outgrow our CO! Then my next thread will be "Finding a new CO"
  2. Typically, all of our dens meet at the CO but lately they've been putting the squeeze on us. Basically, they rent out the main room for revenue generation and when it comes to turning away paying customers or the Scouts, guess which one wins? Anyway, I'd like some suggestions of alternate meeting places outside of the CO and how they work out for your Pack. Leaders homes? Schools? thanks, Mark Committee Chair
  3. one of my favorites. I've had it posted in my office for awhile and reading it helps get me "back on track"
  4. I'm not sure what I'd do about the 2 Scouts without having solid financial guidelines in place. Get together with your committee and come up with a policy to mitigate this risk in the future. We only do pack dues and collect annually. This is our gameplan in a nutshell: -do a budget plan in August for all anticipated costs -set your popcorn sales goals based on the budget and divide by the number of Scouts -if they don't meet the individual sales goal, the family pays the difference. -set aside pack money for the start of next year we take roughly $1000 out of our finances i
  5. 5570xr2

    pack budgets

    take a look at the Ideal Year of Scouting planner for some ideas- http://www.trails-end.com/TEPublic/docs/4800IYOS.pdf The planner is a good tool whether you sell popcorn or not. MC
  6. yeah, I guess the term "exit interview" is a little too corporate. I'm thinking more on the lines of a simple phone call.
  7. Anyone use exit interviews when Scouts leave the pack? Our enrollment has recently dropped and I'd like to get some ideas why they left. Are there any existing resources that may have a good list of 'canned' questions? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Our pack used to push for the giant "everyone receives their rank" at the B&G. This year was different. We award them as earned. I totally agree that recognition needs to be immediate. And besides, the B&G is a celebration of Cub Scouting, not an achievement goal. We have our rank graduation ceremony at the May Pack meeting.
  9. correct URL http://journeytoforever.org/edu_bkpkstove.html that's pretty cool
  10. Thanks for your opinion. But just as Program Helps are optional and the pack program can be run as DLs see fit, the committee sometimes has to step in and help define the guidelines. Lately, our attrition rate has been HUGE. We just lost 50% of youth and adults on recharter. Kids are losing interest and adults are burning out. Why? I'm just looking for ways to 'make the pack go'. Yes, the committee usually stays out of the day-to-day, but I think at this point, we need to get involved for the benefit of all involved and longevity of the pack.
  11. Thanks for all the great responses. I agree, I don't think they can be 'forced' but I think I will go the route of 'highly recommending' them. It will be easy for the pack to purchase a copy for each DL and then go from there.
  12. I'd like to hear from those that follow the Program Helps to run their program for the year. Right now, I feel that the dens/CM are spending way too much time on trying to develop their own 'program' when there's already one staring them in the face. Currently the den meeting emphasis is on only on achievements and not a cohesive, monthly theme. Personally, I believe that making rank is the parent's responsibility, not the Pack's. As CC, I don't want to force it down their throats, because "that's the way we've always done it". But I don't think our CM realizes how much simplified thin
  13. Yes, by all means, have the rank award ceremonies as the boys earn them. We never wait to pass them out. In May, we've decided to have a big crossover ceremony and give the boys books for their next rank. Our CM will also give a quick message about our summer program and the need to start working on their achievements right away and not wait until September. That way, both boys and parents get the hint and they have their new books in hand to get started and hopefully stay involved over the summer.
  14. Our pack used to have a big push to get all scouts to earn their rank by the Blue & Gold. This is the first year that we have done away with that and will be doing a big ceremony for rank advancement at our Pack Meeting in May. This keeps the boys involved until the end of the school year with a greater possibility of sticking around. We also provide a strong summer program with at least 2 pack activities per month along with our District's day camp and resident camp. As CC, I am constantly encouraging the dens to meet as they see fit over the summer. There is no rule stating otherwis
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