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  1. KDD, for the family section, I gave that to the boys to do with their families. They are getting older, and heck, I trusted them. I didn't use the guide. My old Pack was big on the Character Connections, and if an achievement had a connection tied to it, I correlated that to the correct month. What I did was always double dip. If there was a possibility of a belt loop being earned, I would do that achievement. I know there is one that you do a couple of sports, I think it is 15? Had the boys play kickball and softball. I found my old softball and the boys got a kick out of that. I also tied in 24 into new boys coming into the Den. There are numerous ways to combine.

  2. Welcome Christopher! Be sure to wear your Arrow of Light, Eagle and any other knots on your uniform. One thing that helps is training. Go to Pow Wow's, your District Roundtables. Get your BALOO when you can. Seeing the boys grow up starting out as Tigers is so awesome! My son and his other three cubmates are really great friends. They are going to be Webelos in June! I know a lot about the Tiger program, so if you have questions both you and Frugal can ask away.

  3. Today at our annual minor league baseball Scout Day, I saw some girls in their GSA uniforms. As I was walking back to our seat after the on field ceremony, I noticed a kid with really long hair (no objection to the hair issue, I mean look at Keegan (Yeti) from Are You Tougher than a Boy Scout). Then on a closer look, I was very surprised she was a girl, in a full blown Bear uniform. It totally blew my mind. Honestly, I think that boys need to stick with boys for an organization such as ours. I notice at elementary school age, the girls do not play with the boys (son is in third grade). Granted that GSA is not the GSA I was in in the 70's. It is tough for siblings, we have a couple of families where the sisters come to events and cannot earn the awards the boys do. I am very torn on this subject, and it is a tough one.

  4. Sqyire21, I find the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award is promoting outdoor activities, not just the requirement for Day/Resident camp. There are many kids who will just sit on their butts the whole summer. Depending on your council, the Day camps can run from 1 day to 5 days (wow Faith, I could barely handle 3 days last year, I couldn't imagine 5!) I feel that this is the main reason. It would be nice to make council camp an option rather than a requirement. The requirements are going to change because now with LNT gone and Outdoor Ethics coming in, BSA needs to put the parameters on earning the Outdoor Activity Award.

  5. Our Pack is really active in the summer. In June we do a "end of year" bridging ceremony at our former Cubmaster's house. In July we have a Pack camp out, and in August we travel to the San Francisco Bay Area and spend the night on the U.S.S. Hornet. We also do Day camp and hopefully this year we can get more members of our Pack to do the council family camp. All of our Dens meet at least twice a month. In addition, we also do some service projects. It brings the boys closer and they really enjoy the activities. One bummer this year, our annual scout day at the minor league baseball is next weekend instead of the summer. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  6. I am giving him the benefit of doubt. I got pulled in on a scam similar to this when I was looking for love. This guy said the right things, knew what to talk about. Well, when I started to date my other half, he got all weird. There were several alarms that went off, and after six months, I ended it. Now, with Mante being very busy with his studies and football schedule, I can see where he would be vulnerable. LOL, maybe this is something to add for the Cyber Chip ;).


    The guys who made the "Catfish" movie now have a series on MTV. Since I enjoyed the movie I actually started to watch the series. Boy, these days the kids really can twist things around. There was a girl posing as a guy to get back at this girl for seeing her boyfriend. There was a gay guy posing as a girl because he liked talking to guys. Many strange things on that show.

  7. I have a Den meeting tonight, so I am going to go over the the Youth Protection guidelines with the parents and Bears present.


    I wish the media would see that because of the past BSA has done something with Youth Protection to make everyone safer in the present and future. This is so frustrating with the stupid media.

  8. I helped out at our District Cub Day Camp and I requested to work at a station. The leather craft did not get shipped and the substitute was these gawd awful "pixie pouches" that were a bunch of lacing and not enough pounding. My first compliment was from the Day Camp director, she couldn't believe that I kept all those Webelos concentrating on the project. The second was the day after camp. I was at a food truck festival and one of the boys ran up to me and said, "Miss Susan I finished the pouch!" His dad told me thank you for making that section fun and not boring. Yea, that got me hooked and look at me now, I am on the District Membership sub-committee waiting to get nominated to be committee chair. Plus I am still going to volunteer for Day Camp next year, lol.

  9. I am sewing the patches, but I am sewing them through the pockets. Even on my leader shirts on that pocket on the sleeve, it is hard to do! Plus I don't use that pocket anyway, lol. When Clark gets his Outdoor award, I am seriously thinking of removing the flap and sewing the patch where the pocket flap was. I would keep the button on so he can hang temporary patches. Other than that, everything is right on the money for patch placement. Recently did a uniform inspection for my Den and they look so good! I am going to announce uniform inspection for the Pack next week for out first big meeting at the end of September.


    Yea, one more week of sewing for my uniforms and then next week it will be two more arrow points for Clark, the Outdoor award and a bunch of patches on his red vest. And then I have to start that blanket project that I have been doing too.

  10. resqman, you sir, are one of the very few lucky ones. I have been through so much drama that at the beginning of the summer, I was going to QUIT! Still dealing with it on a smaller scale, but I let it slide. I tell myself just three more years here (Bear, then two Webelos years), lol. I keep telling myself it is for my son and when I am doing stuff with the boys it is fun. It is the committee stuff that is a chore sometimes because of our former CM now Committee Chair/Charter Org. Don't get me started on that one, DE is trying very hard to find a new Charter Org for us!


    Good luck on finding that troop resqmsn! What state are you moving to?

  11. Like gsdad, an entire summer. I was so sick last summer and my son missed out on so many of his first opportunities from his Tiger to Wolf transition. Day Camp, pack camp out, a couple of cool trips and earning his Summertime Award. Well, now that everything is diagnosed with me, I so totally over did it this summer with my son!


    For me, in the past, not pushing my mom to find another Girl Scout troop to continue with Girl Scouts after Brownies. Our troop fizzled after Brownies and I wanted to do more. I always remember that summer at the local camp and wanting to go to Juniors.

  12. With many of our boys out of town (one out of country), we just did the local minor league Baseball team Scout night. The majority of boys who were in town showed up and had a blast!


    Those were some great ideas, will try some of them next year.

  13. I have been wearing one because I am the Membership and Recruitment chair. I point it out to the boys all the time, "look at what you can earn if you recruit a friend." Which reminds me, I have a certain Wolf that I have to bug because he told me he wanted to earn that strip, lol.


    Seattle, I was just appointed District Membership Sub-committee to await nomination next spring. I was debating if I should put that Recruiter Strip on my "new" District shirt (thank goodness for cheap closeouts on scoutstuff.org, I bought a bunch of ladies shirts super cheap and then took them to a tailor friend of mine, they look good). Thanks, I will proudly put it on because I am helping my DE with fall recruitment in our big (distance wise) district.

  14. Brewmeister,


    I guess since my sons vest does have some order to it, he really loves it. He does see the time that I put into sewing the patches on.


    Right front side is all the Centennial patches. Yes, even the one with the ribbons which I sewed individually onto the vest.


    Left front side is the C letter with his pins on it plus I will put his Whitlin Chip and World Conservation badge there and probably his U.S.S. Hornet Jr. Crewmember (they came out with year rockers this year! By the end of Webelos he will have three years!) Since we are doing a Messengers of Peace project, maybe a World Crest with that new ring too. He has the Centennial ring on his blue shirt.


    Back, all of his patches from the Aces games (local minor league baseball), Harlem Globetrotters, Monster Jam, Day Camp, etc.


    Since I get patches too as a leader sometimes, I am making him a blanket too. What I am doing is stitching on his old kerchiefs in the middle (it will make a cool square by Webelos) and putting the patches around the edge. It is this nice sweatshirt blanket I had and decided to dye it red because I just loved the material and weight and feel so much!


    Speaking of sewing, I have to get to work. I finally had a shirt I bought online through scoutstuff.org last year tailored down (Incredible shrinking woman here) and have to sew on the patches. It is one of those nice cool shirts and we have an event this Saturday and I am not in the mood to bake. It has been hot!


    Basement, I take your comments with a grain of salt. Because you are a crusty old salt ;) (said in jest) LOL .

  15. Cambridge,


    I am trying to get my Cub Scout Pack lined up for this. We are in Carson City, Nevada. It is the state capital and it is way north of Las Vegas, we are not even close. I am still working on getting a ham radio operator to help us out with equipment.


    Good luck!

  16. Basement, thanks, I was just going off of the starting age of Boy Scouts. See, learn something new all the time on here.


    Lisabob, great advise! One does have to be patient with the newcomers to scouting too!


    blw2-Don't mind Basement and some of the other "old farts" (I say that in jest). They may come across as crusty old vets, but boy, in the few months that I have been on here, I have learned more than at any Roundtable or conference. Boys have to have independence in some form at some time. This year is going to be very tough for some of the original den members in my Bear Den because the parents stayed for EVERY Tiger and Wolf meeting. The Bears meet every week and the parents have to leave them with me and my ADL. We are volunteers, yet we go through testing, conferences, training, background checks and the list can go on. Why!? Well, for some of us our sons are in scouting, but for some, it is to show boys the awesomeness of nature, science (Yea STEM/NOVA so, excited!) and other things that just make scouting fun. We go through all the politics and games that everyone from the top leaders down to the parents play. Why do we stay!? BECAUSE SCOUTING IS FUN AND EXCITING and while the boys are doing that belt loop or merit badge, they actually might be learning something. That is my two cents.

  17. Ok, since we are in the capital city of Nevada, last year we were in front of one of the bigger casinos in town (Carson City IS NOT VEGAS 50,000 people here) and we did quite well. I know the feeling jc2008, ALL the stores around town are already booked by other Troops or Packs. Well we are doing two casinos and our little shopping mall that has a nice outdoor eating plaza where we did quite well last year. I think Lowes is a great idea. Good luck!

    Oh, and we did the microwave popcorn in packs of three for $5 and we broke down the box combo packs. It was the only way to get cheese corn last year!

    BTW, OMG some of the flavors this year sound so amazing! Double caramel with a hint of cheese for me please.(This message has been edited by suzisk8)

  18. Oh Basement! Most boys grow out of it by Bears!? My son loves the one I handmade for him and he is entering Bears. He wears it to school all the time, probably a lot more this year because of the ship badge he is getting.


    Summerd603, there really is no alternative. I don't know the link, but oh boy, the uniform police would be out if you put patches on a jacket, like the wool jac-shirts (btw, the new olive ones on scoutstuff look nice).


    I never knew why the vests and blankets were red. HHHMMMM, something I should Google tonight.

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