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  1. As a former Criminal Defense Attorney, I would agree that you probably don't want to be asking questions about the incident while it is pending before the Court. I am think legal grounds and leadership grounds here. The legal grounds have been touched on and very jursidiction to jursidiction. But the leadership grounds are pretty universal. In Scouting, no matter the level, Cubs, Webelos, Boys, Venture, etc., we are working with children. During this process, we, in part expect respect and trust from our charges and their families. However, these must also be earned. We constantly t
  2. We attempt to get boys to have their AOL earned by the Blue & Gold. This year, it appears none of the Senior Webelos will make it. (Example of parents that want to run a Den by Committee, instead of one strong leader! Probably should be a whole different thread on this!) In the past, we always had the Senior Webelos stay with the Pack after Blue & Gold, until March or April, depending upon the boys' preference. We then hold a separate Cross over Ceremony at a Pack Meeting. It also allows the Senior Webelos to compete in the Pinewood Derby at Scout-O-Rama, but the Seniors never
  3. This just goes to show that I should read the new version when we get it. Last Century, when I was a Bear Den Leader, we did count unused achievement points in Achievements that were used for Bear Badge. I was doing that now, again. Now I find out that I am not supposed to do that. Guess the boys will learn another growing up fact of life, admit when you make a mistake.
  4. First, I am not in OA, neither is my oldest son. I hope that he will receive that honor someday, but that will be up to his troop. Most of the Indian Ceremonies I have participated in and observed have been in Cub Scouts, as a Cub Scout Leader for the last 9 years. My youngest is in Bears. (big transistion when you spend 6 months with Boy Scouts and then go back an take over Tigers!) I am in Rapid City, South Dakota, gateway to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Anyone care to think of a more conterversial place when it comes to American Indian/U.S. Government? All of the cerem
  5. The Supreme Court rarely comes out and says "Farmer Smith vs. Butcher Jones is hereby overrulled." They usually say that the reasoning behind Plessy is no longer working and has created an unequal treatment based upon race, therefore, we now conclude that separate is not equal and schools should be balanced. The Kello Decision has really sparked and motivated local governments to pass local laws saying that they won't do that. Interesting, the current bill before the South Dakota Legislature doesn't apply to the State, but applies to counties, citys and housing departments. Interes
  6. The former camp director was killed in a tragic car accident on or about December 2, 2004. His name was Kip. A drunk driver crossed the medium on the Interstate and hit him head on. The drunk was in a vehicle that had a snow blade on it. Kip died instantly, the drunk walked away. The drunk got 15 years, the max on the charge. Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Venture Crews lost a wonderful leader. You can see how that lost has effected our Council. The Camp was a great place to go, now it has a director that has evidently left a bad impression in several troops from other districts, which hur
  7. Being from the Black Hills Council, it is never nice to see a negative post about your Council's Camp. I was there in June for Cub Scout Resident Camp and it was 100 % better than the year before. Since my oldest son went to National Jamboree, he didn't go with his troop. We were there the Summer before (2004) and it was not as good as I had hoped. Medicine Mountain is a primitative camp. Like many camps, probably better toward the beginning of the Summer. We use Medicine Mountain year around and will be there the weekend of the 20th -22nd of January for Klondike. I ho
  8. I would say that after 6 pages, we have beat this dead horse quite a few times! I think the overall point is that we don't like outside groups or people telling us how to run our programs. Pretty natural reaction for most organizations. PETA is particularly a hot topic, because of the tatics of some its members and affiliates. PETA is not popular where I am at, but then again, neither is Osam Bin Laden.
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