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  1. acco40, What is the difference if I determine an arbitrary percentage to the expectations for POR's (which is undefined as it is) or use the "Demonstrate Scout Spirit" as a catch-all? At least with the percentage, the Scout has a number; he knows, in writing, what is expected. Not trying to determine what is in my head when I decide what Scout Spirit entails.
  2. I did call a member of the District Advancement Committee; and he said they have a similar 'agreement' in his own troop that Scouts must sign. And he suspects that most troops have similar methods. I told this to the District Commish, and he said, and I quote "they're wrong; you answer to me; I AM the District!" (tact is not one his strong suits.)
  3. Help me with this one folks... "Can a Scoutmaster put a minimum percentage of participation on Scouts serving in Position of Responsiblity?" Problem: Scout accepts position; Scout fails to show up or shows up less than half the time; and MOM still expects SM to sign off on POR for advancement. Solution: SM types list of expectations for POR's, INCLUDING clause that says, "You must attend at least 50% of meetings, outings & campouts." Discusses this with Scout, and Scout signs it, agreeing to the expectations. MOM calls our illustrious District Commish, who tells her, (no
  4. With only 1 Scout meeting left, and the end of this seasons Scouting program, we have a few Cub Scouts that are tired of being "Bullied" around by a certain Scout. One parent told us tonight, that her son has actually cried on numerous occasions and doesn't want to come to Scouts anymore. The parent has told us that he won't be back in the fall because of her son being picked on constantly by this certain Scout. I don't want to see any boy drop out because of bullying. Do wqe wait until the next season and speak to the parents? Do we tell the parents that their boy is not allowed back into the
  5. When you have a Scout that is a member of the Troop AND a V Crew, where does his advancement lie?? It says in the Venturing info I've seen that he can continue to work towards Eagle in his Crew. (i.e. advisor acting as SM, etc..) But he is still registered in our Troop. I see a mommy-daddy scenario coming down the pike; where a Scout does not perform his duties in the Troop, does not get past the SM conference for rank, and goes to his Crew to get signed off by his Advisor. One of us has to have primary responsibility for his advancement in "Boy Scout" ranks. And Venturing ranks should be d
  6. Interesting idea for a winter campout!! http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=13590770&BRD=1282&PAG=461&dept (ok, fine! It's just a shameless plug! Happy Now?)
  7. I think you're all putting too much thought into how to 'sell' your roundtable to your units. It isn't about whether I have something better to do! Or whether I might miss something Fun or Exciting! ...It's about 'ownership & responsiblity'. If I'm going to these roundtables, and you have a couple of people standing up front, spouting information that we've all heard before a thousand times over; or giving their personal opinions on a topic; or telling us how the next camporee is going to run (which is also in handout form that I could read from home), then why SHOULD I come t
  8. I've recently left my Pack Committee to join the troop side of things. (as many of you have.) Stressing to the people remaining that the budget is important, and to stay on top of it. We have 70 cubbies, and $6000 budget. We sell about $13,000 of popcorn each year. (Not bragging; just relating the importance of financial mgmt, and budgeting.) The first thing they discuss in my abscence in doing away with Boy's Life! (saving them $756) We don't charge families for the magazine. They either sell $100 worth of popcorn, or take the 'buy-out' at $45. But EVERY household get's Boy's Life.
  9. Hey guys! Can you argue somewhere else, please. I get this annoying email everytime someone posts to this thread. (i'll never press THAT button again!) But really, 34 emails is MORE than enough for me... ...anyone know how to turn off that notification thingy mid-stream??
  10. We've had a Pack Chaplain for years now. Besides the proforma things like benedictions & invocations, he also makes annual visits to each of the dens at the beginning of the year to promote religious awards for Scouts. He procures said books from the Scout Shop, etc... Just one less thing for the Cubmaster/CC to have to deal with. And yes, he's a committee member for us, but that's up to each unit.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Lots to do to make this all work. I appreicate all the constructive input! (...no 'Bob' that didn't include yours.)
  12. Because 'Bob', those are paper fantasies at worst! Unrealistic at best. I've read many of your views, and I'd respectfully appreciate someone else's response.
  13. I know, I know... I cannot add or detract from the requirements as shown in the book. And YES, I know that given 100% of my attention, I could make sure that the Librarian & Historian positions actually DO SOMETHING remotely resembling 'leadership' or 'responsibility'. But let's be perfectly honest. The VAST majority of Scouts who get the titles do little to nothing with them. It's like a 'free-bee' for the position clause for advancement. Heck, even the chaplain's aid says a prayer a couple of times a month, and I'm supposed to pass him for same requirement that a patrol leader or ASPL ha
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