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  1. You would be most welcome at Lost Pines Scout Reservation! COPE, new climbing tower, pack and paddle, check it out here: http://www.bsacac.org/metadot/index.pl?id=3124&isa=Category&op=show It's about 35 miles east of Austin TX. Come see us! Steve Hanson Comanche District Camping Committee Capitol Area Council
  2. Proud Eagle, Your earlier post was on target regarding items to be carried on the plane. Looks like flyers will have to purchase matches or butane lighters after landing, or put these items in the equipment truck. We were just through several airports, and this appears to be something recent (though not allowed in checked bags previously). You will need something to light the stoves, though. I don't know if the smokers can wait until the rendezvous with the truck!
  3. Hops is correct about ID cards, at least in the state of Texas, no age limit. However, the State Department has the following information about passports for youth: "For All Minors Under Age 14 : "Each minor child shall appear in person. All applications for children under 14 require both parents' or legal guardians' consent. The parents show their (parents/guardian) identification. "For All Minors Age 14 to 17 "Each minor child shall appear in person. For security reasons, parental consent may be requested. If your child does not have identification of his/her own, you (parent/guardian) need to accompany your child and present identification." And the "all on the bus" ID requirement is indeed in the December '04 Jamboree Bulletin. My bad. Steve Hanson Austin TX
  4. I think there are six, you can find them in the Scouter Forum FAQ page. Steve Hanson Austin TX
  5. If you have a large number of scouts under age 15, they are not likely to have a drivers' license yet. Many schools issue photo IDs, or the parent can inquire if the state can issue a "non-driver" ID card for a boy that age. If the school does not issue a photo ID, and your state doesn't issue ID to twelve-year olds, I'm not sure how the TSA would be accomodated. Guess I'd better check their website... TSA: IDs required for those 18 and older. BSA: I found no reference in Jambo Leader Guide, but if anyone else did, please post. Steve Hanson Austin TX(This message has been edited by shanson786)
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