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  1. Does this count for the Entrepreneur MB with the Captive Audience requirement. Sometimes thinking outside of the box crosses the line.
  2. I agree!!! I was going through a Safety Course and the OSHA instructor said that the problem with kids now is that they don't eat mud and run around naked in the rain. We did and we turned out OK. It struck me as odd, but he was right. I was always outside as a kid and got dirty and wet. I could not tell you if any of my friends were allergic to anything or on any medication. We were too busy having fun and trying to squeeze 30 or 40 hrs. into 24. SO WE COULD HAVE FUN, not work. I am now a new Den Leader and had the same problems with my sons. They wanted to stay in and get to the next level. I started working on my den meetings and both of my boys( 5 & 8 ) help me with the plan. We play the games, sing the songs, and do the activities. I bounce the ideas off of them and they give me thumbs up or down. So far they are batting a 1000. I hope to get to 500. Bottom line we are outside having fun and they are advancing without knowing it is work for rank. They just know it as fun. That is the goal no matter what the method.
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