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  1. Here's the way we handle things - short and sweet... Your Scout Book, NoteBook, Pen or Pencil is part of your "being prepared" gear....Uniform, Scout Book, Notebook, Pen/Pencil, etc... These are to be brought to every Scouting event/activity unless otherwise notified by your SPL or an adult leader - Every boy, every time reguardless of rank or age is required to have his Scout Book available at all Scouting activities. SO - This could mean - if you're not told ahead of time, to bring it to the Troop Swim Party (for example) then you should very well have it with you....."Being prepar
  2. Here's how it works in our Troop... Yes, we use Scout Accounts - They are funded by fundraisers like PopCorn, or when we help the United Methodist Men in their pancake breakfast, etc..The funds raised are divided amoung the boys worked with the number of hours worked taken into that account too...Each boy will get X% of the full amount per hour worked. That money goes to pay for Summer Camps, Trainings, etc...Not for individual personal gear. Now - when/if we are really low on troop funds, we take a % of the gross amount made and put that into the Troops General Fund, the rest, then
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