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  1. Jim is a good friend and I am glad to see him visiting our forums. Back when Laguna Station first opened we did a photo spread in SCOUTER Magazine, back in the glory days when this website was connected to a published magazine. Ed Henderson Webmaster - SCOUTER.com
  2. All scout units should have a checking account, and many also have a savigns account. Usually there is at least one account at your local council service center and some councils keep two accounts (one for Scout Shop & Events and a seperate one for registration). A Unit Treasurer should be aware of all of these accounts. It is important to keep both your banks & the council office informed on who are the authorized people to use those accounts. A good guide for all units is the Unit Budget Plan, this is a flyer that usually comes to the unit once a year with your recharte
  3. Major updates and modifications to the entire SCOUTER.com website are underway and the first major project is DONE! SCOUTER.com's BSA Camp Database is now updated, all links correct, and we invite you to visit..... http://www.scouter.com/compass/Where_To_Go/BSA_Camps/ At 7:49 this morning I finally finished a major overhaul of both the SCOUTER.com BSA Camp pages. It has taken me about 200 hours over the past six weeks but we have updated the links and information for every Boy Scout Camp property in the nation. As you know councils acquire & sell camps, and abo
  4. One part of the U.S. Scouting Service Project is SCOUTCAMP.org. I am the webmaster there as well as here at SCOUTER.com (the two sites are not associated with each other) Even as the USSSP updates the look of the site I wanted to let everyone know that I have been busy updating the BSA Camps data on BOTH SCOUTER.com & ScoutCamp.org. If you want to check out a BSA camp, see it's website, or even leave an evaluation of a camp. Go to both of these sites and leave your feedback today! Ed Henderson Board Member - U.S. Scouting Service Project BigEd@usscouts.org http://
  5. I worked in the Capitol Area Council for 3 1/2 years as a D.E. and loved it (except for the awful South Texas Humid Heat). They have come so far in their camping program over the past 10 years. I understand the new SE is a published author of Edible Wild Plant books. Frankly, I have a real hard time imagining why anyone would want to leave the awesome summer temperatures of Maine for a Texas summer. Although the summer of 2007 has been anything but typical. Parts of the Capitol Area Council has been hit with floods (Marble Falls & the Hill Country expecially). There are
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