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  1. I served as the Wolf den leader last year, and have assumed the role of Tiger den leader this year. At our very first "Welcome to Cubscouts" meeting of the year - I handed each of my Tiger parents a folder that basically explained and outlined everything we would be doing for the course of the year. I also included a "den meeting host family" signup sheet that we passed around. I let the parents review the available dates of when I needed a "host family" to host a weekly den meeting at their home and have them sign up, months in advance. In conjunction with the "shared leadership" theme in
  2. Help me out here. I'm a long time reader of the forums, but rarely post. I am currently serving as the Tiger Den leader for our pack, and I have two sons in the pack - one Tiger and one Bear. I've gone through all of my on-line training and council-led "Leader Specific Training" for both Wolf Den Leader (last year) and Tiger Den Leader (this year). I am an avid follower of the "Program Helps" as far as the structure and program for my den meetings with my Tigers. My oldest son who is the Bear (8 years old) has a den leader who has not been thru any type of training, doesn't use any t
  3. As a youth back in the '80's, my scout troop attended summer camp at Boxwell Boyscout Reservation near Lebanon, Tennessee. At that time, the reservation was divided up into 5 major camps, Camp Murray, Camp Stahlman, Camp Parnell, Camp Creig, and Camp Light. While in scouts, I attended 1 year at Stahlman, 3 @ Parnell, and 3 @ Camp Creig. Almost 30 years later, I'm back visiting Boxwell on a semi-regular basis with my oldest Cubscout son who will be a "Bear" this fall. Our pack attended a Spring Jamboree with our district back in April at Boxwell, and things sure have changed alot since
  4. This will be my first post to this group. I've been a "lurker" reading the various threads, and am now re-assured that my Cub Scout Pack isn't the only one in the world that experiences a little drama from both the parents, and the leadership. I am a new Cub Scout Den leader for the "Wolf den" for a new pack that was started in the fall of 2006. I was a cub scout, webelos, and a boy scout as a youth. I got as far as the "Life" rank before the "fumes" kicked in (Gasoline & Perfume) and ruined my scout progress. I was a senior patrol leader for my troop, and an active member of the
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