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    Merit Badge Sash

    I ended up buying a second sash and redesigning it to make a "double-wide" as the MD scout from 2007 did. The XL sash can only hold a bit over 60 badges on the front.
  2. Quarterly BORs are a mass production in my son's troop. They are held on a non-meeting night and usually have 9 adult Reviewers (3 inquisition rooms, not including the waiting area) for the actual BORs. I really like the idea of BORs scheduled more often during the meetings but wouldn't it take away from Patrol Corners time? I'm just trying to think of objections that might be raised so I could have solutions to rebuttals.
  3. Now I have to persuade these guys to listen to a woman's suggestion.
  4. Scoutmaster conferences are held at the troop meeting nights usually during patrol corners or directly after the meeting SM conferences can be scheduled as needed (just ask the SM when you are ready) since it is on the troop meeting night. The BORs are made up from any non-ASM parent from the troop, not just Troop Committee Chairs. Our quarterly BORs usually do have 2 or 3 rooms going. I know there were about 20 boys who had BORs on June, Day X as I was one of the reviewers. I like the idea of monthly BORs or just having them on the night of the regular meeting. Many parents st
  5. First of all I apologize that my posts came off as abrasive. I agree that it's not all about my son (who does write TY notes fairly promptly (w/in a couple of days) with minimal reminders and definitely meets the other Palm requirements by staying active in the troop and serving the troop in various leadership positions, being active in OA, helping with other scouts' ES Projects and in any capacity that he is needed or wanted). We live in a hyper-crazy area with way too many helicopter parents who max out their kids' schedules with APs, ECs, travel teams. They bribe/threaten to not let
  6. In addition to the quarterly BORs for the other ranks, Eagle BORs are held on demand so to speak. My son did request this back in mid-may to remind the SM that the 3 month anniversary was coming up. My son's first Palm BOR was on December, Day X+7. It was the night of the troop BOR. His 2nd one was on March, X+7 and the troop did hold a special BOR for him (happened to be on the same night as a troop meeting so it wasn't difficult). June, Day X was the troop BOR but he isn't eligible for a week later until June, Day X+7 which does not fall on their troop meeting night. If this is go
  7. Can anyone pinpoint a link to the BSA policy that states a Scout has a right to request a BOR at any time (of course with a couple weeks notice)? I believe I have seen it mentioned on here that Scouts do have this right but I was hoping to find something official. Our quarterly Troop BOR was held on June, Day X. My son is eligible for a Palm on June, Day X+7. It has to be exactly a minimum of 3 months between Eagle Palms and his last one was on March, Day X +7. The Scoutmaster is already complaining about the one my son will need in September, Day X+7 as it will fall on the day after
  8. It seems as if the Troop needs to hold this Scout's BOR on the X of every third month even if the X falls on a Sunday or other day not convenient to the adult leaders. Hopefully the leaders will be willing to do this for multiple consecutive quarters.
  9. Okay, so you're saying it does have to be EXACTLY every 3 months to maximize the possible Palms, it just can't be January 14 and then ANY time in April.
  10. The question isn't of being active or not, the question is what defines the 3 months ie does it have to always be the same day of the month every quarter? What about when the day falls on a non-Scout meeting day which would be a much bigger favor to ask vs just 3 non-ASM parents who are sticking around for the meeting anyway.
  11. What does the 3-month rule mean? If the Scout is trying to earn the maximum number of Palms between Eagle and the 18th birthday (ie once every quarter), does that mean that the Palm BOR always has to be on the exact date every 3 months (ie March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1) or does it mean at each normal quarterly BOR that is held for the entire troop which could vary (ie March 17, June 10, September 22, December 8) as long as it is in the 3-month window in terms of the months? Can the troop backdate or postdate the palm Application form to make it exactly 3 months apart (ie scenario
  12. As a rising 9th grader, my daughter volunteered at our local Cub Scout day camp for a week. She was a Silver Award GSUSA member, freshly crossed from Cadette to Senior Rank. Working at a CS camp gave her enough hours to knock out a prereq for her Gold Award which she ultimately earned by the end of the following summer. She had to persuade some FEMALE adult BSA members that she wouldn't be a distraction etc to the male teen staffers. She and a fellow Girl Scout member who also volunteered were able to correct any misconceptions that girls would automatically be flaky or flighty.
  13. I am not concerned for the scout who has the stomach of steel, rather a family member about to undergo surgery who lives in the same house when the scout gets back. NCAC Public Relations (the # I was told to call after I called Goshen directly) said that the lake was declared negative and that they threw out ALL the food in the kitchens (meat and produce).
  14. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/01/AR2008080102855.html Hmmmm, my scout is supposed to go to Goshen on Sunday.
  15. Olmstead? Actually I know of at least one Scout in my kid's troop who has done all the waterfront, shooting, outdoorsy type badges. If Farm Mechanics and Animal Science were offered, that would be great!(This message has been edited by hint)
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