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  1. Well, I'm not really sure of the whys, hows nor the wherefores, but I do recall that a "special" troop was formed of the boys, from my council,that were attending the 1977 National Jamboree. We all hailed from this troop, that troop, or the other troop, then all formed one single troop. That could well be Eagle92's experience with his Canada expedition.
  2. Wow! I'm sorry, PaulBunyan, but I have to agree with the other posters. While the talent and creativity is most definately there, I don't think that the Boy Scouts is the best vehicle by which to display that talent. I wish that I had something more positive to say, other than to echo the sentiments of putting your talent to better use.
  3. As with most things, I believe that common sense should be a good guide in these matters. If wearing the uniform will give the impression that the BSA is endorsing something (be it a service, a product or an individual) then the uniform should not be worn. The uniform should also not be worn in the commision of any activity that may bring discredit upon the BSA. Carrying a beer keg on a pack frame in full uniform? Seriously? There's that common sense thing. I also believe that scouts *should* be in uniform when selling Trail's End popcorn, as that is sanctioned by the BSA.
  4. The Scout Oath contains the phrase; On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to *God* and my country. The Scout Law states that a scout is *Reverent*. What, exactly, does that mean? That a scout that has completed all of the requirements for Eagle cannot obtain that recognition because he simply does not view "God" and "religion" through the same narrow tube as do you and I? I don't think so. To do that would be a travesty. If you want to jade this young man forever, then by all means continue on that path. The Board of Review is exactly that. A *review*. It is not an inquis
  5. 1.) Philmont Arrowhead 2.) 1977 Jamboree patch, although I no longer wear this one.
  6. For the price of "official" Boy Scout merchandise, it could be made in America. I expect to pay a little more for products that are made in the United States. I get peeved when I pay the same amount, or more, for products that were formerly made in America, but are now made overseas and are of inferior quality. Dockers are a good example of this. I had a Dockers brand leather belt, which was made in the U.S. It lasted for years. I went to replace it and paid more money for a far less quality belt. It didn't last out the year. All I was now paying for was that little Dockers emblem. Is this now
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