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    What to do?

    >"I would say that such a boy cannot join as a Tiger Cub but could as a Wolf. However, the parent should be told the Scouters will not be responsible for the boy's transportation to den and pack meetings. It is a slippery slope. "< Well if the leader does not want to be responsable, then sure but if the leader is not doing it because of the YP rules then I think we are in danger of making the rules more important than the boys.
  2. Renax127

    What to do?

    At some point you have to surrender to common sense, YP rules are at least as much about legal protection for the council/national as anything else. In other words if a leader violates one of the YP rules and something happens the council/national can point to their policy and say "They aren't supposed to do x". National is doing the same thing every corporation needs to do, create a policy and training program that will offer some legal protection for when individuals make personal decisions that could cause problems, I don't blame them. If I personally felt comfortable with a kid/family, I would drive the boy to and from a meeting and not worry about what YP said.
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    Wolf Denner

    So a question about denners (man I love that name) are they resitricted to a particular level or can they have them from tiger on up?
  4. Renax127

    Wolf Denner

    Thanks guys. I couldn't find any restrictions I just wanted to make sure