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  1. I have read (and reread several times) the extension language which indicates that the request for extension must be withing 30 days after the Scout turns 18 but must be before January 7, 2020. The real question is: May the Scouts file the request for extension as soon as possible knowing they are already over 16 when joining and so will need the extension in order to complete the requirements according to the established timelines? Essentially, the question is: Can the extension form be filed as soon as they join officially on 1 February 2019? Separately, while the notification refers to the "extension request form", it is not clear whether there will be a new form created for this special extension request or if the standard extension request form (typically used for those with some sort of disability) should be used.
  2. Will the Scout Shops be taking advance orders for these new handbooks? My local Scout Shop is notorious for understocking. Also - has there been any discussion about an electronic version of the handbook like we originally had in 2009 but subsequently was taken down from the app stores?
  3. Okay, so I posted on this topic earlier today in another thread and Eagle732 responded regarding this thread which is newer but the same topic. Today I also received a response from a local SE with whom I inquired. His response was that the Scout Shcp inside our Council HQ office building is a National Scout shop. They (Supply Division) are aware of this quality issue and have put a plan in place to address this issue with the next print run. He went on to say that if we have defective books, to bring them into the Scout Shop and they will give us new ones. From other posts in this thread, it sounds like there is not a consistent response from each council. I will try to return the defective ones and see if my council does, in fact, replace them with new ones but the challenge is in the timing as I see it. Why bother getting a replacement book that is just as defective as the ones I'm returning only to have to go through the whole process again soon instead of just waiting until the next print run comes out. My other question is this: If Supply Division already knows about this problem, why are they continuing to sell the defective ones? Shouldn't they pull them from the shelves now so they don't create further ongoing customer satisfaction issues? I'll test this as well when I go to the shop this weekend.
  4. I have been trying to find a way to get this message back to the Supply division for quite some time unsuccessfully about these binding issues. Saying you must also buy a cover to keep the handbook from disintegrating is ridiculous! A Scout Handbook should be made durable to meet the needs of its intended target - the Scout. Without ANY sort of neglect, the covers are coming off every single one of the books of my son's peer group who crossed over to Boy Scouts less than 2 years ago. All have the spiral-bound books and the rank advancement pages are just as vulnerable as the covers. How do we get this message and a REFUND/REPLACEMENT drive started?!!
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