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  1. It's a really long sorted story... When our SM was a committee member, he and our CC got into it over ideas he was offering. They were good ideas, but the CC wanted them presented in a certain way. Maybe I should mention that our troop is overseas on a military base and the CC is a Msgt. Not that it matters, but then maybe it does, our SM is a Tsgt. Our CC likes to pull rank and has been pretty rough with not just him, but a few parents. Anyway - our previous SM (before the one I'm talking about) didn't really do anything with the program. no PLC's, no thought or planning at all..
  2. I'm not sure where to post this.. Last night at our troop meeting, the CC pulled the SM, and the ASM's aside for 90% of the meeting and had a "talking down" to them about how he's disappointed in how the program is going. My title (that the SM works for the CC) was the first thing he said. As a parent and a previous committee member, I'm confused. I thought the committee was there to support the Scoutmaster and basically the CC works for the SM..?? What is correct? And how would you go about correcting the CC if he's wrong?
  3. Our CC wants a campout to get those under 1st class their chance at cooking and various other requirements. Our SM is by himself - no ASM's at the moment. Our SM recently had to start working most weekends and could not, at moments notice (he's military) go on a camp out. The SM stated the outdoor leader training would be needed by at least 1 of the adults for the various other activities they were planning on teaching the younger boys.
  4. haha.. Although I am not the greatest speller... It's supposed to be baret (BARet)because of the green bars. The patrol consists of the SPL, ASPL and troop guide. They are basically, the top three of the troop. They thought playing off of the Green Berets with BARets, would be cool. At least, until the CC said no. We've been having a lot of problems with our CC stepping onto the program side. He is quick to critize when something goes wrong. Basically our scoutmaster is alone. The ASM's he has are TDY or deployed at this time so he's been working with a troop that's still new
  5. One more question (I really wish there was an edit option on this forum...). Would the CC have authority over the patrol name? Our scoutmaster didn't see anything wrong with the name and some parents thought it was cute. I suppose, bottom line, is the name legal to use under BSA rules and regs?
  6. With the whole separation of the military and boy scouts, our CC is concerned about the youth leader patrol name. They picked "the Green Barets". It's a take on words with the scout green bars of leadership positions and the green berets. Does anyone see anything wrong with the patrol name or is our CC getting his underwear in a bunch?
  7. If only everyone could get along... sigh. I'm hoping to get some insight. 2 committee members wanted to take the troop on a campout. The most training they have is the fast start and youth protection. Our scoutmaster stated one of the adults needed to have outdoor leader training. The CC said no. Who is correct and is there publication somewhere that states such?
  8. BuffaloSkipper - it's not that the parent was denied wanting to councel more then one badge. She was denied because she wanted to sign up for the Citizenship badges and apparently the troop has 2 counselors for these already.
  9. Yeah, I didn't think it was her call to turn the parent away... It may be because the parent will be moving away in 6 months - but still, that's 6 months she can help some boys out...
  10. Our advancement coordinator told a parent she could not become a merit badge counselor because we already had 1 for the badge she wanted to sign up for. I'm going to be bringing this up tonight at the committee meeting because I feel she was wrong to turn the parent away. The parent complained to my husband (who is the scout master - I am the treasurer on the committee) and we were in shock that she was made to feel "not needed". I've been scouring the web sites to see if there's a "limit" to the number of merit badge counselors a particular badge can have, but have not come up with
  11. I should add that this troop is at a military installation where the boy would only be with the troop an average of 2 years...
  12. Is there any BSA rule regarding the new transfer scout having to wait before he holds a leadership position in his new troop? There is a troop (won't mention which one) that is telling a newly transferred boy (who is a 1st class scout) that he needs to wait 4 months before he can hold a position. The boy transferred into the troop about a week before elections and was looking for a position so he could obtain his next rank. Holding him for 4 months means 6 months since positions are held for that long and he would miss this election process... Is this right or because he is not new
  13. Our previous SM left the troop on a realy bad note. His son stayed. A few months go by and he asks me, the current SM, if he can be a MB councelor for a particular badge. I resopded with, due to the bad fall out and without any prior attempt at reconciliation, I would like discuss it with the committee first (he and the Chair had personal attacks toward each other). I didn't want to bring him back in even as just a councelor if everyone still had a problem with him. If I say yes, and they do have a problem, I'll be stuck AGAIN between adults fighting. Being a previously trained leader and full
  14. Ok, let me explain a little more. His teacher from the previous year asked him over the summer if he would like to help with new student orientation. Help being things like helping them understand a new schedule, showing them around the school, helping the teachers on the initial orientation day. Basicaly, being a sponsor. I can see where he is providing a service to those of the community. It's not for graduation, I'm talking about a 13 year here, 7th grade orientation, for the boys coming out of elementary school going into middle school. That can be a lot for a young boy to take in when goi
  15. Yup. Don't allow them at all. I allow them ONLY on trips of longer than 1hr to an activity or campout. Other than that, they can use their imagination, review thier books with each other, etc. Once we arrive at either a gate to a camp, a dirt road turn off that leads directly into a camp, etc, all electronics get turned off, even the vehicle radio. This allows the boys, and myself, some time to get camponized prior to shutting off the engine and getting out. It makes for a smoother transition to a camping mindset.
  16. One of my scouts has been asked by a teacher to help with new student orientation. He in turn asked me if this would constitute communittee service? Where can I find a good definition?
  17. While it's important to raise money (that's part of FOS) I find it a little disturbing how a few people in our district have been handling things. A smaller troop then the one I am in happened to raise more money then we did during the FOS campaign. It's not that suprising as the other troop is made up of people who have higher paying jobs then this one... Regardless... The disturbing part is that the list of people and what they donated was circled back to the troop with a question / challange of how much more can they get. While I understand the money part and can even unders
  18. hmm - ok, camping wasn't the best example... Maybe Physical Fitness would have been a better one... But I understand your consensus.. You all are a wealth of information!
  19. I should add that the things he signed off completed the badge...
  20. Does the scoutmaster have carte blanch over merit badges or does it still have to go through a counselor? For example - let's say a scoutmaster wants to sign his own son off on several things for camping. He isn't the registered merit badge counselor for camping - can he do this as scout master? (The fact that this is his own son is another matter entirely - while I know it's not "forbidden" by BSA, many troops frown upon that practice)
  21. sadly, yes. Their training has all been within the last year. In fact, it was suggested that I go to re-train as our ideas tend to differ.(This message has been edited by bearshark)
  22. The sm is basically rolling over to whatever the CC says.
  23. OK, let me throw this out there as well, not only is our troop not accepting them until they graduate 5th grade, but I just found out that it appears the troop CC has made this decision on his own. Can he do this without it being a committee vote?
  24. I have been appointed troop liason to a Web II den getting ready for crossover. I was a den leader myself a few years ago, and remember the troop handling most of the crossing over part. Now it's my turn. Regarding this position, what are some things I need to do, should do, etc? I am an ASM with the troop. One thing I know that's directly related to my ASM position is to ensure the prompt registration of new scouts. Outside of that, what about the crossover itself? I plan on talking it over with the SM, and also attend the cubs committee meeting to talk to them about thier expectations of me.
  25. Good day scouters. I have a question. I have been a den leader and asst Cub Master before when my son was in the program. We have since been in a troop for three years now, and have been through a couple different troops (moved household). I believe it has always been the tradition that cubs crossover more or less at the Feb Pack meeting/B&G. Understandably maybe in March given some circumstances. I have accepted a position of troop liason with my son as Den Cheif to a Web II den getting ready for crossover. The den leader tells me that he spoke with our CC and the CC said something
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