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  1. Now, just what was the original post?! scouting values never go out of style and Scouting helps build self-esteem and keeps youth positively involved in the community... (I enjoy how these dialogues go all around) Ramos appears to be putting to good use many of the values of scouting, he has elected to do his national service and also intends on returning to his community in a service role. That is a credit to scouting and the people who make the program a success. My Eagle (2003) scout son has made the same choice and ships out with the Marines in a month. He is currently trying to get h
  2. We encourage them to stay involved as adult scouters - and get them registered as an "adult." They enjoy being on the "other side" - the decision making process and knowing that the adults suddenly have to treat them with respect. Their relationship with the boys in the troop changes, ususally slowly, but in accordance with scout policies. The 18 year olds have a great opportunity to learn new leadership skills in this transitional stage, and most importantly, we keep these kids active in scouting. Most of our 18 year olds relish the new opportunities that open to them in scouting at this age.
  3. When you all get settled back in, and whenever that may actually happen, what can we (in the North ) do to help you and your Troops get restocked? We have been waiting until we have direct contact with some of you scouts down south before we begin organizing anything. But we have a lot of scouts that have been asking how we can help.
  4. E- Hang in there. Our oldest Eagle completed his BOR 3 weeks prior to his 18th birhday, but he had wanted to be an Eagle since he was 6 years old. The project never slowed him down, just some of the adult scouters who didn't always behave in a scoutly manner. But he EARNED his Eagle. Did we have the talk? many times, everything seemed to come back to "When are you going to get your Eagle done." His response always was, "I'll get it done." He did. Now he is in college and helps out the troop when he has time. He is also the only adult scouter we have who is an Eagle, and he wears his knot.
  5. Keep me updated - we could use 8 if the right sizes
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