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  1. Back on 10/5/01 sctmom wrote: >The hats do have a protective piece so the >back of the pins aren't sticking in the boys >head. Just a note: This is no longer the case. The new Webelos hat that appears in the 2002 catalog, and released to stores and Scout Shops at the beginning of last month, does not have the head protector. I have not seen or heard any explanation of why, and it makes no sense to me. Unlike the old hat (dark blue hat with light blue front and webelos symbol on dark blue diamond), the new hat (olive hat with plaid front and new oval Webelos badge)
  2. As a brand new signer-on in this forum, I am just trying to catch up with the discussion and post a few replies. I just want to say that a quote from the Book of Leviticus purportedly conveying a command from God against homosexuality cannot possibly be relevant to whether the BSA should or should not accept avowedly gay leaders. (And this is regardless of what Jesus Christ, who in my religion is considered a teacher with no divine attributes, did or did not do.) The BSA does not require that any member or leader subscribe to or believe in the Book of Leviticus or any other book in the Bibl
  3. I am brand new to this forum. I have been posting on America Online but the Scouting forum there is underpopulated these days. I am an Assistant Cubmaster from New Jersey, was a Life Scout, and am now happily married for 20 years, with 3 children. I have known a number of gay people, and have been friends with some and have worked with others. I see no reason why being gay makes someone unsuitable to be a Scout leader. They simply have a different orientation, and I do not see that as being immoral. Therefore, they can be just as good a role model for the values contained in the Scou
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