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  1. We have an annual tradition of making Christmas Cards for a local nursing homes. They are hand made generic cards made by our boys. We have used colored construction paper, glitter pens, colored markers, paint pens, found items, and natural items for decoration on the cards. They are a big hit. Jim
  2. Doesn't most of this belong in the "Issues & Politics" forum? Please bring it over there. I personally don't care for the tone around here (not just this thread) lately. Some of us may need take a deep breath and do a little soul searching.
  3. This year we are having our annual "Family Fishing Fun Day". We fish, swim and picnic at this event. We are also having "A Day At The Creek" with the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts will be teaching us first aid, rope handling & knot tying, Leave No Trace, flag etiquette and flag ceremonies, and we will have a Whittling Chip course. We will also have a picnic lunch, door prizes and nature walk at this event. This give our pack a great opportunity to interact with our troop. We also have pack meetings each month one of which will be outdoors around a campfire.
  4. We contacted some local people who brought their real race cars and street rods for the boys to look at and sit in. This worked out great!
  5. The only parades our pack participates in are the ones in which can ride on a float (usually a lowboy trailer). It solves the problems of heavy flags, marching in order and tired kids. Good luck and have fun!
  6. I just found this on my local United Way website & thought it was an interesting example of how to designate the distribution of funds: "To make sure designations are properly recorded, please enclose a completed designation card or a list with the following information: employee's name, designated agency (if more than one, include all agencies), and the amount of the designation, and the address to be used for acknowledgment. Example: Bill Smith 700 North Street Yourcity, TX 77701 Boy Scouts - $75.00, Family Services - $25.00"
  7. Hey! Don't drag the beloved Dallas Cowboys into this discussion. You might just step on some toes! Besides, I don't remember anything about being a Cowboy fan on the leader application. (Hmmm... Must have been posted by a Redskin fan...) (This message has been edited by NativeTexan)
  8. I'm going to brag on the boys in my den a little, so bear with me. Last night we rode on a float in a local Christmas Parade. We allowed the boys to toss candy to the spectators with the understanding that they would not stand up on the float or throw candy at the people and their vehicles parked on the side of the rode. Numerous times I had to remind/correct/fuss at a few rotten apples for breaking the rules. By the time the event was over I was pretty upset at these boys for not following these rules and for disobeying me when I asked them to follow the rules. There are now thoughts of n
  9. Great ideas! This year our pack is making hand-made Christmas Cards for local nursing homes and pediatric wards at local hospitals. The cards I have seen look wonderful! I am very proud of our boys.
  10. Well... That does it. I'm removing the City of Berkeley from my Christmas card list.
  11. Although I admire Mr. Newdow's tenacity and respect his 1st ammendment rights, I don't think I would enjoy breaking bread with him over the upcoming holiday season.
  12. I asked my 8 yr old son who is a Bear cub what he was thankful for and here is his response. It is not word for word, but close enough. "I'm thankful that God & Jesus are in my life. I'm thankful for being alive. I'm thankful for my family and all my friends." He paused for a moment in thought and added, "I'm thankful to be free" So I asked him to explain. He replied, "Well dad, I'm never bored. I always have something to do. I have church, school soccer, cub scouts, baseball and stuff to do here at home. You know Dad, there are some kids in the world that don't have toys or foo
  13. Check the "Cub Scout" forum on this board. There is a thread that is discussing this very issue. Good luck. Here is the thread url: http://www.scouter.com/Forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=20583
  14. I have 8 boys in my den and 4 of those are either ADD or ADHD. The other 4 are extremely active 8 year old boys. The first couple of den meetings last year were a mess resulting in significant hair loss for this den leader, who quite frankly, can't afford to lose any more! So I started completely over and implemented some changes. The first thing I did was have a den meeting with all parents and boys. As a group we wrote down our den rules. It was a group decision and involved everything from rough-housing to disrespectful behavior. This list was posterboard size and was posted on the w
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