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  1. Having held the position of SM for 13 years in a 50 boy troop (I'm now retired) I'll add my two cents worth. I believe that too may scouts and adults focus on the basic requirements thus earning the Eagle rank rather than becoming an Eagle Scout. Ours is a leadership program and the Eagle scouts should exemplify leadership. It is a rare scout that is a leader at age 12. You can often see the potential at that age but the there needs to be some tempering. As Scoutmaster, I used the availibity of leadership positions to time some of the advancement. Most of my Eagles were 15 & 1/2 to 17 & 1/2. It is amazing how many of the Eagles return to visit meetings when they are home from college. Every couple of years we have an outher when the Eagle alum are invited to return and staff the event stations.
  2. Our new district chairman was already a member of the council executive board when made a district chairman. We haven't had a district election in three years. It has been obvious for several years that key leadership is ordained by the council exec.
  3. The real question is how do we get our own repective councils to straighten out. Most of us are not on the Executive board, but as unit scouters we can make a difference. When a unit folds. Ask why their number still shows up. Look over the list of units in your district. Chalange unknown numbers. I've done this, it is funny to watch the topics change at the District committee mneeting when I show up.
  4. I can relate to CNY Scouter's story. Our Cub Pack did not meet the criteria for the Quality unit award. The Cubmaster wrote in large letters that we did not qualify and did not sign the award. We recieved it anyway. she returned the ribbon and asked to have it removed from the charter. Our Boy Scout troop turned in thier charter three days after the deadline (Jan 3rd)no quaity unit application was submitted. They recieved the award also. It was turned back in and the council was asked to remove it from our records. Our council is one of the few that have been a "Quality Council since the program started. I wonder why. The fact is the goals of the "paid" professionals is considerable differt than that of the rank and file unit Scouters. Oh, by the way it was never removed from the charter!
  5. While I'm new to the net, this is an timely topic. We have 120 units in our district and some "50" commissioners. Ironicly only about 11 are assigned to units. It doesn't work. The District Commissioner brags how our district meets the goals for number of commissioners. Quite honestly in our case the commissioner program is of little help to the units. We jokingly call the commissioner program in our district, "The Boy Scout Hospice Program" it's where old Scouter's fade away! Not very flatering but right on target.
  6. Welcome to the group. I'm new myself. Scouting is a great adventure, best when viewed thru the eyes of a Scout.
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