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  1. There's a similar thread in which I answered, but for the sake of detail here... I wanted my son to distance his homebody ways. I was very involved with the BSA as a youth, and have been very involved with the CAP as an adult. I offered either option to him. He chose the BSA so he wouldn't have to cut his hair. Since joining, he's enjoyed the camping portions the most. I'm glad to see him enjoying himself, and would have been happy if he'd have joined either organization. Edited for spelling.(This message has been edited by msmjr2003)
  2. My two youth-oriented programs of support are the BSA and the CAP. (I've significant time and association with both.) When I offered my son the option of either, he chose BSA. Ultimate reason why, from his perspective? "I don't have to get a haircut with the BSA."
  3. Eagle92, I don't presume to speak on behalf of anybody but myself. Translation? This is an opinion, which is like an armpit...you know the rest of the armpit analogy, right? ;-) Some may choose to wear awards that - to the wearer - take into consideration two factors. The first might be limiting clutter. In order to do that, picking and choosing helps whittle down the tally. Whatever floats a person's boat, I suppose! :-) Perhaps for me (and I might have mentioned this earlier), I have 2 shirts; the "rsum" shirt, upon which all my doohickies and dingle-dangles are kept for
  4. I guess I'll offer a swing in this dead horse punch-out we're enjoying. :-) I don't mean to contradict any fellow USAF veterans, but from 1995-2003, I didn't hear any "2" command in either (a) any sort of AETC-endorsed training, such as BMT and AFROTC, or (b) throughout my time associated with our base's honor guard. Quickly (!) skimming AFMAN 36-2203, I don't see "2" listed as either a prep command or one of execution. I HAVE, however, heard the command "2" in an Army context (my wife is a now-former company commander in the USAR). The NCOs used the command a few times in a small
  5. I was introducing the premise of the ticket to a non-BSA friend. When I mentioned that one must complete his/her 5 items in 18 months, my friend asked, "What consequences are there if somebody doesn't?" I wasn't sure of an appropriate response. Clearly the person's Wood Badge formal association with the course in which he/she was would end. However, would that same person be allowed to enroll in some subsequent course? Must do the whole thing all over again or pick back up where one left off? Permanently excluded from Wood Badge for failure to progress? That will show me for try
  6. I stayed in L/S Centennial BSA uniform for all parts of both weekends of my recent Wood Badge training, which included a fairly steep and long hike, camping in remote locations, work detail, etc... With the exception of a desert patterned GORE-TEX jacket worn when chilly, and a set of green jungle boots I got from Altama a *long* time ago, I was completely BSA-clad. Had *no* problems with anything BSA-sponsored or BSA-owned. Let there be no doubt: I'm a fan of Uncle Sugar's stuff - I should be, given my former occupation and my current one also. Noted, I am also sold on what I us
  7. Outstanding! Now if the folks in Bemidji will do this up as they do their special red version.....
  8. Ha.... Well, I had to think of something that would be overwhelmingly consistent across all cultures, all of these United States, etc.
  9. Milpitas....that's where my daughter's daycare is. Wonder if they heard about this?
  10. For me, it's cheaper to supplement my camping gear with assorted garments/items I had in the USAF. But I also use discretion. For example, I'd never wear BDU trousers in place of the BSA trousers, but I do hike in my boots. I also have been known to wear the desert-patterned GORE-TEX jacket, but only if rain is in the forecast. Otherwise, I don't see much need to supplement my stuff. Places like REI are ridiculously expensive when I have the EXACT same thing (if not better) sitting at home. Just because Uncle Sugar gave it to me/made me buy it shouldn't necessarily exclude its us
  11. I still stay very active (run 25 miles a week, often more) and am in the normal BMI range. Oddly enough, for as much as I still run, age still plays a part in my sitting on a plateau of +20lbs compared to my weight 20 years ago. What helps me keep the battle at bay is to just outright accept and make the life change that few like to do. I was raised on great, "down home" food. However, if I'm not a farmer, I'd best not eat like a farmer. Haven't had a fastfood hamburger since 1996. Doesn't make me better than anybody, it just means I make a choice to watch the fat and other nasties.
  12. Personal preference and NOT a political statement, but I don't wear the purple patch on my routine BSA uniform shirt for regular meetings and camp-outs. On my formal BSA shirt, I think I may have it on there; now I'll have to go check, as I wear the formal one with knots and doo-hickie dangles so seldom!
  13. Cross my heart, hope to die: I don't mean to come off holier-than-thou. With that promise at the forefront, I see many folks live for the s/s-only shirts and then wear l/s undergarments. To *me* it looks pretty funky, but hey; opinions are like armpits, right? We all got 'em, and nearly all of 'em are bad at some time or another. Personally, I'm a fan of the l/s. I prefer the roll up feature (works for me) in 100+ heat or leave 'em down in 10 degrees with some thermals underneath. Then again, as an armed force veteran, our working attire was generally l/s with some roll-up functional
  14. Good evening; not my first posts, but still am an overall new guy to your folks' forum. Though I was an active Boy Scout in my youth (and it was my #1 priority), I have been extremely involved in another program that has an active youth program, as an adult member. It shouldn't be any surprise that I have heard this exact same question and associated responses within the other program also! I don't believe I can (or should) restate some of the other great responses. With that in mind, as a person who held the equivalent role of Scoutmaster in the other program, I too have beat m
  15. msmjr2003


    Good morning, friends; new member to the forums, so please excuse me in advance if there's a culture here that I accidentally bump up against incorrectly... As an Air Force veteran with continued service in the Civil Air Patrol, I'm no stranger to the BSA's cousins to ribbons (these knots). Personal druthers based on personal biases and experiences? I have four BSA knots (Eagle Scout, Arrow of Light, Youth Religious Emblem of Faith, Community Organization Award). They look fine on my (now) older "red-tabbed" BSA uniform, which I've allocated for more formal events (Courts of Honor)
  16. First time poster... My son transitioned to the newer style uniform shortly after the uniform's debut. In lieu of other guidance, my boy's handy-dandy, sewing-machine using Dad put the AOL and the Oval Boy Scout patch on with no issues. When new guidance presents itself, we'll either update accordingly or leave as is.
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