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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Way to go. Way to finish and work your ticket. YIS~Julie Beaver-Bobwhite
  2. As a female, I have to agree that the pants aren't the most flattering or comfortable (at least on me, as a plus size lady-especially the nylon ones), but I am setting the example! There are times when I would prefer to wear jeans or any other pair of pants, but once again....EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE! How can I expect scouts in my unit to wear the uniform if I am not? I have had parents complain about the cost (while I am standing there in full uniform socks and all) and I say, "tell me about it!" I wore them all summer long at scout camp last summer, I wear them to court of honors, round
  3. Hello fellow Cubbers! I have been asked to do a breakout session at our coucil's Bigfoot (think University of Scouting/Pow Wow) on roundtable. I am seeking help. I am not sure in what direction to take. When I asked the person in charge, she said taht I needed to get a roundtable helps book for the year and present ideas. Ok, easier said than done. I will have 90 minutes. I have the book because I do our district cub breakout at roundtable, but still....90 minutes is a long time. So, for those of you who attend your roundtable, what makes it interesting? What makes you want to keep c
  4. A friend and I were chatting about various scouting things and this conversation came up and not sure about the answer..... We were talking about wearing long sleeved shirts under the official uniform and talking about the color. I have heard various thoughts on this and was told a few things: 1- the color (of the long sleeve shirt) does not matter, as long as it does not distract from the official uniform (ie-meaning white, black, etc.) 2- the color (of the long sleeve shirt) does matter-and needs to match the program you are affiliated with, meaning that if you wear the yel
  5. Hello fellow Cubbers! Thank you for you wonderful threads full of information!!! I enjoy reading and getting ideas. I am wanting to pick your brains. Our new DE has asked that I chair a Cub-o-Ree that is a month out. I haven't been to one, but have a rough idea of what it entails. I was wondering if any of you experienced cubbers have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, ideas for easy (and cheap) craft, etc. I want this to be successful and knew who to turn to. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks in advance! YiS, Julie
  6. Here is the link for the publication entitled: Scouting & The Church of Jesus christ of Latter-day Saints http://ldsbsa.org/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=19&zenid=ad6132f7b43c1295b3d5a036112635d0 (If the link does not work, go to www.ldsbsa.org and then click on resources). You can also download it for free. Here is that link: http://www.ldsbsa.org/pdf/resources/Scouting%20and%20the%20church.pdf It is a publication that is 20 pages that includes specific questions and answers. On page 9 it talks about Coimmissioner Service and here is what
  7. Welcome John! Congratulations on your new adventure and welcome to the wonderful world of (adult leadership)scouting!!!! I hear you about not having kids in the units in which you serve. My hubsand was a SM for just over 3 years and now works with the new scout patrol and is loving every minute of it. While I work as an ADC/UC over 8 packs and also serve as CC. Since we do not have our own boys, we feel this is a great way to serve. Anything we can do to help strengthen the lives of these boys is definitely well worth it. Kudos to you and again, welcome! Julie in WA
  8. Hey there fellow scouters..... one quick question. I was wondering if anybody knew where to find a script for an Eagle court of Honor. My nephew just got all his "stuff" in the mail and his dad asked if I could help out, as they do not know what to do (and aren't getting a lot of support from their CC). I have been to some ECOH that are quite elaborate and also to those that are short, simple and to the point. I told them that it was ultimately up to my nephew what kind of ECOH he wanted, but I wanted to be prepared (no pun intended!?!) and ready to go. I believe he wants to do his
  9. An open mind and a positive attitude!!!! Seriously though....if you have packed what is on your packing list, then you will be just fine. Have a great time and experience. Julie in WA
  10. Thank you for your quick replies and responses. After giving it more thought and reading through what was said, I think I am going to adopt the Cub Scout method-KSIMIF and go from there. Thank you for wise words of wisdom!!! Now I am off to reread through the syllabus and finish working on my presentations. Thanks again! YIS Julie
  11. Random question here...... First, I have to admit, that I am more of a "lurker" at the forums and rarely post, but do enjoy reading the comments. I am getting ready to be a staffer at Wood Badge later next month. The other troop guides and I were having a conversation in regards to little gifts and such for the patrols. When my husband and I went through course, my troop guide gave a little something for every activity we did (for example, we got a toy car for the front alignment activity), while my husband's troop guide gave one or two things through out the course. So, here is my questio
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