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  1. My district runs a "Webelos-Ree" along side the Camporee. The Webelos have their own activities, games that teach scout skills, and their own campsite. However, they are right next to the Boy Scouts and can visit the troops and observe some of the Boy Scout competitions. My Webelos I den will be attending in April. As far as what to do with Webelos, mine are keeping very busy. So far, since we bridged in June, the boys have gone to day camp (same ole, same ole), Webelos resident camp, our Council's centennial encampment, and a district Webelos weekend camp (where they pitched their own
  2. Is National going to change the designation of the Arrow of Light from an Award to a Rank? That is the only way calling the second part of Webelos "Arrow of Light Scouts" makes sense. It is the highest award a cub scout can earn and the only cub scout emblem worn on a boy scout uniform. If it gets elevated to rank status, will boys scouts continue to wear a cub scout rank on their boy scout uniform.
  3. Well, I guess Angela was wrong. I have been waiting for on-line leader specific training, but still nothing on MyScouting. My district just announced the next Leader specific training. So now I can choose between getting the training ASAP or leading the last summer pack activity that I planned, a hike combined with an educational program offered at an observatory.
  4. Our pack encourages the boys to wear field uniform to Pack meetings. I have been the Den Leader for the Webelos I den since they were Tigers. I have always given a choice of field or activity for den meetings. If I anticipate a messy or sweaty den meeting I will suggest activity uniform for that particular meeting. Den and Pack outing uniform depends on what the activity is. A 3 mile hike in the foothills calls for activity uniform, a visit with the mayor or to a museum calls for field uniform. Of course, a boy is allowed to participate no matter what he shows up in. Our pack a
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