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  1. This is what we use. My son is the SPL, a Chapter Chief (our lodge has a POR patch for that) and is a Camp Staff member, so he uses velcro. I am an Associate Lodge adviser, chapter advisor, Troop committee member, and Unit Commissioner, and with only 2 uniforms I use the velcro POR for that change so I am wearign the right POR for the job. Jeff in KC
  2. Just a reminder here, one Catholic scouter to another, 'Catholic' and 'Christian' are not opposites. We Catholics ARE one christian denomination of many, but we are still christian (i won't get into the 'first Christians' issue here as that is not ecumenical). You can contrast catholic and protestant, or even catholic and a specific other denomination (Catholic and Lutheran), but Catholic is a subset of christian and can't fairly be contrasted to the whole. In our council we clearly denote the various faiths for services, and if it is all faith we make that clear.
  3. Um, the page you cite, micosay.org, is the site for the MOS at Pony Express Council at Camp Geiger. The Mic-o-Say at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation, in Heart of America Council, has its website at http://www.hoac-bsa.org/mic-o-say. The programs are similar, and both come from the mind and efforts of H. Roe Bartle himself, but are not the same.
  4. Actually, in addition to MOS we also have the largest OA lodge in the country, Tamegonit Lodge 147, and we have a much higher than average Eagle scout rate, or so national keeps telling us. MOS is also at Pony express Council and they have NO OA lodge. There are also offshoots of MOS in the Tribe of Lone Bear over at Camp Arrowhead and others more distantly related. As a person who was born, raised and works in the KC Metro, in the business world, being an Eagle Scout, Tribesman of MOS,and/or an Arrowman of Tamegonit Lodge 147 all get you to the top of my list at interview time. Heck, wh
  5. Not to dampen the enthusiasm of you guys, but the current Chieftain of Mic-O-Say is the CSE, Mike Surbaugh. I think BSA has all the facts they need about MOS. http://www.hoac-bsa.org/mic-o-say-bio-michael-surbaugh
  6. The Committee runs the unit, handles the logistics, service and support functions, and is the day to day supervisory arm of the unit making sure that the program side meets the goals and aims of scouting, follows the Guide to Safe Scouting and all policies of the BSA, unit and chartering organization. They recruit train, feed, and water the SM/CM and make recommendations to the IH and COR about the hire and fire side of things, especially the hire/fire of the SM/CM. They answer to and report to the COR and IH. The CM or SM runs the program side and reports to the committee, picks/nominates
  7. Read your post last friday and searched for a good answer. Then at a multi troop scout event in our district I overheard a similar discussion between a couple of adult leaders about OA vs being an Eagle Scout. My position would be this: You don't understand because you are asking the wrong questions. It is not about what benefit OA can offer you or your son, or what part it might play in his resume or on a college application. It is about Arrowmen, mainly in small and un noticed ways, providing service to the rest of society. Many if not most of those called may never do great things, or
  8. In our unit, following the BSA model, one of the Committee duties is to recruit and suggest leaders (including the SM) that the COR or IH can choose to appoint - as the CO owns the unit and all leaders serve at the pleasure of the CO. The committee retains the supervisory and managerial oversight of the program leaders and program, while not being directly involved in the program side itself (that is what all those boards of review are for, the committee QC's the program and acts as the eyes and ears of the COR, IH and CO). While the CC can't just unilaterally fire the SM or any other leader
  9. $65 yearly fee plus the $24 to National. Camp outs are all individually priced depending on activity. Usually a friday to sunday camp is $15 for food plus any unusual site fees (June we are going to a stable and doing Horsemanship so there is a stable fee for the horses etc.Most regular months are just the food fee) If travelling more that 2 hours we do impose a gas fee to help defray the cost for the guy stuck hauling the troop gear trailer. Summer camp is $320 for 10 days and there is a 'crackerbarrel' fee that covers the costs of a camp t-shirt and all the ice and cleaning or other sup
  10. I understand your point, but you lose the rule in your paraphrase. Applied to the original post, I think that scouts should not attend as a group in uniform. However, our scouts "help" at Mass a couple of times a year (at least scout Sunday and the Mass before Summer camp), and we have to have alcohol there (fruit of the vine and work of human hands...) in order for it to be a Catholic Mass. Of course before the Catholic Scouts drink it (yes, the Scouts DO drink at this scout function...a Scout is reverent and faithful to his duty to God. :-) ), the priest transubstantiates it.
  11. Yep. Been doing it since the 50's in our lodge (Tamegonit #147). Here is an overview. http://www.hoac-bsa.org/coup-thong Many of the lodges in our area do Something of this sort. Wah-Sha-She in Ozark Trails has super long ones with a bead for every lodge event.....several lodges still use a form of the Mic-o-say claws, and then there is our own Mic-o-say Tribe at H. Roe Bartle Reservation, whichi s a whole different animal......lots of examples to look at.
  12. Not a fan of the change from a "band together to fight the bad guys that threaten us" to a "partner with the not-so-bad guys cause they really are just like us" imagery. Seems like it got nerfed, PC'ed and molded into a different tale. Just my 2 cents. The most memorable part of the Brotherhood ceremony from my personal experience (in 1983) was the 'burden' and that, thankfully, remains, with some changes. Can't give more details in the open, but that portion seemed to crystallize the three principals (W, W & W) for me in one scene.
  13. Both those requirements are in sections where you need to do one of several. Are you saying the counselor said he did this specific one, and you know he did not? If he did 5 a, b or d he still meets the requirement. Just clarifying.
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