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  1. Its Mafikeng cool scout not so cool if you haven't heard of where scouting started!
  2. Thanks for letting me know what the OA is I thought it was some weird secret thing but now I see it is an incentive for younger scouts to strive towards and a reward for older scouts. In my cub pack we sing taps at the end of every meeting. We all fall in at alert and one child starts off and then we join in . Everyone sings out and its very beautiful. Taps is very suited to children's voices. What do you do for taps Evmori?
  3. What is the order of the arrow and what does it do who is in it etc etc
  4. What is the order of the Arrow and what does it do??
  5. I cannot tolerate Scout leaders Smoking you are a role model is smoking the example you want to show?? On a recent camp some of our scout leaders smoked openly in front of scouts and then threw the buts on the ground and later during site clean up it was the scouts who had to pick them up and put them in the trash can. I found this disgusting and told the offending leaders so Martha Melbourne
  6. How do i become a senior member?? I think once you are wearing a neckerchief you are recognisable as a scout which should suffice for activity wear and then of course have unoform for those special occasions where you want to sow off who you are and what you have achieved Martha Melbourne
  7. Is there an echo here?? anyway I think the competition sounds fun. I'll start looking for sites to nominate then we tell the forum everyone takes a look and votes then you the person who nominates the best site wins. But Jude what is the prize???
  8. Wow Robin this is a pretty cool site I found it tough going to read all the information but I am very glad I did these guys must be really active, I like their T shirts I wanted to buy one but the online ordering isn't working I have emailed the SL though. I am travelling to Ireland next Summer I have mentioned it to the SL as I would really like to see what them in action. and by the way that is the right spelling for Mafikeng I was there last year and that is how they spell it in South Africa. I think the Jpl idea is really good I think I will suggest it in my troop as a partnership approach
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