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    uniforms in public

    Thanks Rooster7. Sorry about the assumption. I live in the heart of the "Bible Belt" and have made that mistake more than once in various situations. Thanks again.
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    uniforms in public

    Backpacking in many regions of the country for the last 7 years I have noticed that Scouts rarely wear uniforms on outings. Troops in this day and time need to be represented in the backcountry and in other public places more than ever. From experience, backpackers and many outdoorsmen are honored to share the trail and campsites with scouts, but likewise avoid sites that have become high school hangouts for trail trashers. Although new to the scouting world, I do understand the issues regarding uniform quality and cost, which is also multiplied by Scouts annually outgrowing their clothing. As leaders we should demand that this issue be a primary concern and addressed. I guess Im demanding the impossible, best quality available (high-tech and functional) for the best price. So give me some feedback on this issue. Finally, I have heard the argument that Scouts should not be recognizable in public places because of current political issues. My response is that BSA is truly a difference making organization, which is respected and treasured throughout the community no matter what the modern news media may have us think. And as a Christian organization should we be surprised when we are persecuted for what we believe?
  3. Just wondering if someone knows of any troops that have an online handbook, or guidelines concerning procedures, polices, and organization of troop activities? I am a soon to be a proud volunteer trying to gather as much info as possible.