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  1. $150. This covers everything except food at campouts (typically $5-7 per person), winter camp, summer camp, and part of the uniform (shirt, pants, belt, socks). Fees and the rest can be covered through popcorn sales.
  2. Last year, I made up a schedule for each week, and then sat down with all the Tiger parents and they took turns signing up for the items. We did not have anyone that would sign up to be the Den Leader, though eventually I did get one parent that agreed to remind the others of when it was their week, and kept track of awards (essentially being the den leader!). It worked out great...parents were involved, and the kids loved working with the different parents every week.
  3. We do like Momof2Cubs....our fees are due in September. The fee amount includes the amount needed for re-charter. A small portion is due upfront and the rest can be earned through popcorn sales.
  4. Our pack pays for everything you listed. The only thing we do not pay for are council camps. Our fee is $175 per boy (but we are going to reduce that to $150 next years since the dens don't use as much money as we figured originally). This can be earned through popcorn sales - the boys earn 25% of their sales. We have 40 boys and sold $22K in popcorn.
  5. I think this is a fabulous idea and one I'm going to use this year! We do Spring Recruitment. It's in May and then we invite everyone to our May Pack Meeting. This past year we just folded the boys into their dens and they participated over the summer (only pack events) as they wanted. In September they began den meetings iwht their dens. I think havinb a "Bobcat Den" for a few weeks after we do our recruitment is a great way for these boys to form new friendships, get to know some den leaders and the Cubmaster, and to really feel included. I'm all over it. Thank you!
  6. We sing!! One or two songs every pack meeting. We didn't before though but I think the boys love it. Especially if it's a good rowdy song with fun lyrics. Repeat after me's are the easiest.
  7. We use Yahoo Groups. I put events on the calendar and it sends out reminders. I just add everyone's email address as they join, no need for them to do anything. Emails sent go out to everybody. Very simple but effective.
  8. Last year we did a cake walk at the end of the Blue and Gold evening. I didn't hear anything negative about that so I'm sure we'll be doing it again. I thought it was fun anyway!! I didn't see any disappointed boys/children and it seemed like they all enjoyed themselves and just considered it a game. Anyone could play - parents/siblings/Scouts. As each person one they got to choose the cake they were taking home. In our rules for the cake bake we made sure it was very clear that boys would NOT be taking home their own cake, that someone else would be winning it.
  9. Evmori: (So basically, the Cub family pays nothing if they sell their allotment of popcorn, correct? The math doesn't work 36 boys at $185/boy = $6,660. What is the other $10K for? Who does the selling? ) I'm not sure what you're asking. What other $10K? Our fee is $175 and the boys get 25% of what they sell, no matter how high they sell. The extra above the fee can be used for winter or summer camp. The other 5% of our commission is to pay for leader registrations and books. If there is extra than we put it back into the pack in terms of supplies, paying for camps, etc. Last year we paid for everything for both our spring and June campouts and then reserved $1,000 to start off this year to purchase t-shirts, books, etc. ahead of time. The boys do the selling. I think very few dads take it to work, some take their sons into their jobs to sell. Lots of the selling is done at booth sales. We have done 2 weekends so far and sold combined $7700 there. We are up to 43 boys but I'm not sure how many have actually sold..maybe 30..we are at $22K so far. Determination is a wonderful thing when it comes to parents wanting money in their son's accounts.
  10. I know some people have said they'd lose families if they raised their fees. I just don't believe it's about the fee. I think it's just their choice. We didn't lose a single family when we raised our fee this year. Last year it was $70 or something...it was all broken down and didn't include very much. We thought we might lose families or get a lot of complaints but we were willing to chat with them individually. We did have one newish family complain. They had been in a pack in a different state who charge approx the same and didn't think they got their money's worth. I showed them the breakdown for our budget and then they understood AND realized they were getting their money's worth at the other pack too. I'm sure there were people that did not choose to join Scouting this year because of our fee. But I think that would be true no matter the cost. I had 2 people last year not join because they thought it was FREE. Scouting isn't for everyone....as much as I would like it to be.
  11. Registration Boy's Life Magazine Insurance Neckerchief & Slide Book Pack t-shirt Pack campout fees Pinewood Derby car Raingutter Regatta boat Patches Awards Den Supplies Field Trips and more.... Does not include Council camps When we added in all those things from last year including the average for the amount spent on awards/supplies/etc. it came to $185. Because we do have more $ from popcorn than just the $175 per boy we use that money to do what we call "get ahead." We keep a stock of books and neckerchiefs. WE make sure there is always a healthy amount in our store account so that we can always get awards. We buy the t-shirts ahead of time. WE often give t-shirts to adults for stepping up at a camp. We pay for our leader books and training. We have money for 5 scholarships. If we're still sitting healthy than we pay for all the food for a campout instead of charging the families for it. AND this past year we made sure to have money at the end of the year to start off our new year without financial stress. We're also able to do things like have a pizza party in the summer and pay for the whole thing...though it was only like $130 total...but still. Those things add up. Our committee has the philosophy that if something costs more than a lot of parents feel like they're getting more. It's a better program. It is what has worked for us. In regards to the boys not selling because of certain reasons, that would not excuse our parents from paying the full fee anyway. EACH family helps the pack go, not just SOME families. And if a family makes a need known to me then we help them. WE've purchased 2 uniforms so far this year. But those families are still selling popcorn! Course....we also do not suggest partial uniforms... The list of what they need to buy includes each item in the uniform. If that's what we tell the parents the uniform is, then that is what they buy. I'm not saying our way is the only way. Packs everywhere have great ways of doing things. But I often see packs talking about struggling with money and I'm offering a different viewpoint or rather a different attitude regarding it. When a family doesn't want to pay $65 for a WHOLE YEAR's activity for their child...something else is wrong in the picture....
  12. I think in 2008 we had 25 boys but I wasn't the popcorn kernal so I don't how many sold. In 2009 we had 22 boys sell out of 28 at the time. And this year 2010 we have 36 active scouts but since we're not done I don't know how many have sold. So far only 14 have picked up popcorn from me and/or sold at booth sales. In 2008 there was nothing for the boys really except the prizes. Nothing to motivate the adults. In 2009 I did the scout accounts but it wasn't smooth. This year I had a year under my belt. We're giving a straight 25% and it's really made a difference. We are on a military base and do feel very supported, but it's a small base, we sell to the neighborhoods quickly. We lose approx 1/3 of our Scouts each year due to moves. We do have a healthy bank account and I'm very thankful for that. When we joined this pack the bank account was withdrawn and they had 8 boys. The beginning of the 3rd year later we have 36 (after losing 1/3 each year!) and we are selling more than 20K this year. Everyone is excited. I only hope that when our core leadership moves on others step up to the plate.
  13. For our pack, having scout accounts has increased our sales tremendously. With roughly the same number of boys, in 2008 we sold $10K, in 2009 we sold $15K (and I think it could have been higher but we ran out of show n sell and canceled 3 more days of booths), and this year we are at almost 20K and still have another booth sale weekend and more sales to go. And our fee is high. $175. We give 25% in scout account money. Guess what? They sell the popcorn to get there and we don't stress about money. And parents who really want the next council camps paid for go above and beyond and help their Scout sell even more. Also, it kind of distresses me to hear your Council is selling the popcorn for such odd amounts. I really feel for you. Ours are in $5 increments..the small one is $10 and it sells pretty easily. Also, we have taught our boys to say something like, "Would you like to support Scouting?" before mentioning the cost of the popcorn. And then say thank you, 70% goes to Scouts.
  14. This year it's $50 down and then they have to pay or earn through popcorn sales the remaining $125. Each boy has a goal of selling $500 to meet that amount. Every boy gets 25% of all his sales. We use the remaining amount we earn from popcorn to pay for adult registrations, books, and trainings. The fee for Cub Scouts is $175 per year. This includes (for the Scout only): Registration Boys Life magazine Insurance Neckerchief & Slide Book Pack t-shirt Pack campout fees Pinewood Derby car Raingutter Regatta boat Patches Awards Den Supplies Field Trips And more
  15. We encourage boys to do belt loops or work on electives over the summer. If there is an achievement they just HAVE To do, so be it, but we just remind them that they'll be working on achievements in their den meetings. having said that, in our pack, your son would receive his rank award at the very next pack meeting. We think its important that boys get immediate recognition.
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