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  1. Rooster7: you are absolutely correct! I have a Boy Scout swastika coin piece! It's a gold colored coin that has the swastika on one side and on the other side are pictures representing BSA. I have it packed away right now (from a recent move) and can't quite remember the details of the coin.
  2. I thought that the unit can establish guidelines/policies as long as they do not contradict the established polices of the BSA. If a troop/pack wants to establish the no body piercing rule while on scout functions - they can - as long as the rule is approved by the committee and chartering organization.
  3. Sagerscout> *chuckles* yeah, south Texas is not a good area to line dry your clothes - unless you have a couple of days to wait for them! I lived in Houston for 12 years, so my entire scouting "life" was done there - no matter what I tried, the shorts still chaffed and stuck. I found some "almost" scout shorts at Wal-Mart too and would wear them when I could get away with it On the unit names and location patches - I'm trying to remember what was once explained to me about that... something about BSA decided that they didn't want the units to be *too* individualized - they want to s
  4. I think the current uniforms look sharp when properly (neatly) worn. The cotton blend shirts are very resistent and even when found at the bottom of a duffle bag during summer camp, a little shaking out and usually within an hour it looks basically wrinkle free. Hung up and spritzed with a water bottle will also make them wrinkle free again. My complaint is the way the shorts fit. They are extremely binding when you sit down. They need to be made of a stretch fabric blend so that they give when you take They are especially uncomfortable for us plus size people. The cost of thes
  5. OOoO great advice given!! I can't really add anything except to reinforce what has been said. Since these boys are fresh out of Webelos, they are going to be more immature than the others and maybe they are frightened a bit by the new program and what is expected of them, so they stick together. Adults should not be in the boys' areas when it comes to meal time. Be "on call" and "supervise" from a distance, but do not stay in their cooking area. Adults should have their own cooking area. If the dad is persistent in assisting the patrol, then give him a cooking assignment of his o
  6. Sam Houston Area Council, Houston TX has held UofS for many years and it has had a variety of attendance levels - a lot seems to depend on the promotion it receives and what courses are available. It seems that once you've been around for a while and there are not new course offered - "been there, done that" attitude sets in. I've noticed that unique outdoor skills classes are heavily attended... as Scoutmaster253 mentioned, dutch oven cooking classes are popular. Merit Badge counselor classes are also popular and you're more apt to get those "not very active, but I'll be a merit badge
  7. I've seen some excellent ideas and suggestions on how to handle a child with special needs at a troop meeting! ADHD is very difficult to handle in the setting of a troop meeting. It sure challenges the leadership to keep the meeting organized and moving quickly along. There is no ONE set way of handling this situation. It sometimes takes a lot of trials and errors before finding one that works for the boys with ADHD. One thing that I have found very useful is to present an Ethics In Action lesson on those with ADHD. This has helped the other boys understand what it's about,
  8. Congrats and good luck on your Woodbadge adventure! Everyone here has already explained as much as they could without giving you a full-blown explanation. I've seen some great advice given too! Like several have said - it's not about "secrecy" in the sense of a secret organization, but it's about not wanting to give you any predisposed ideas of what is going to happen during your Woodbadge course. It is best to go in with a clean slate mind and be like a child the first day of kindergarten! I have beads from both Cub Scout Trainer's Woodbadge and Boy Scout Woodbadge. (southe
  9. I began with Webelos Leader Outdoor Training that also included Basic Training. Over the next several years, I have completed both Cub Scout and Boy Scout Woodbadge courses, Scoutmastership Fundamentals, Day Camp Training, was the Youth Protection Trainer for 2 years, District Training Chairman for 3 years, Commissioner Trainer, Council Training Team, Pow-Wow trainer in 2 different councils/states, Webelos Leader Outdoor Training Chairman, University of Scouting trainer and Trail to Eagle summer camp trainer. In my spare time I was an ADC, key staff of several district events on both cub and
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