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  1. If you have to sew extra material on to lengthen the shirt tail ... you might want to suggest more time be devoted to belt loops. 8^)
  2. I found it quite amoooooosing, and that's no bull.
  3. I was a CM for two years after my youngest left the pack. I am no longer a CM, haven't been for a year now. I miss it at times. Not so much that I'm scouring the town hoping to find a pack that's needing a new CM, but yeah, I do miss it at times. Kevin in Norman, America
  4. 90-95 miles east northeast of Santa Fe on I-25 is Fort Union (exit 366 at Watrous, 8 miles on NM 161.) For anyone with any level of interest in history, it's a good stop over. The narratives on the self guided walking tour are exceptionally well done, and at times are down right funny. Whoever was in charge of that project had a right fair sense of humor and knew folks dinna wanna be bored with just the facts. Kevin in Norman, America
  5. Not a clue on my end, as I thought the BSRT Guide probably covered multiple years/topics sans the cutesy themes. Hmmm, all the same, iffin some red tabbies wanna pay for their RT Guide, I suspect the blue tabbies might be willing to say okie dokie, we'll swap places and the CSRT guide be the bin item next time around. 8^) Of course, I'd prefer that such items were bin items, irrespective of program level, but I guess that's not likely to happen.
  6. I may not be all that crazy about my logic, but my own speculation is: Cub RT changes every year to prep the upcoming themes so the guide book will by necessity change every year. I'm not positive on the Boy Scout RT side of the buidling, but I'm guessing that a guide that's inclusive will have cooking quite similar whether that's a march 07 or a September 08 topic. Also, Cub folks, whether RT volunteer staff or otherwise, are likely seen as being more easily persuaded to purchase items from the supply division than their adult counterparts in the older youth programs. Assumi
  7. 3 earned during Cub Ldr tenure 1 presented based on service to district 1 earned during Venturing NL tenure 1 presented based on service to council # currently worn = 0 My main role over the past year and for the year to come, at minimum, is web related service to council. As it is largely behind the scenes, alot of it is done in my jammies, and I don't feel the least bit compelled to sew knots on my jammies. 8^)
  8. my opinion about the change is simple ... change happens. I thought about it back when I heard about it. The best course of action, for me anyway, was simply to add a new verse to the song and not fret much about it otherwise. ======= I'll never be a staffer, good old or otherwise I've not done 21st Century, my beads have prior ties And though I'm old & feeble, I still can lend a hand So I'm going to work my ticket, 'cause I can. Back to Gilwell, Happy Land, I'm going to work my ticket 'cause I can. ====== I greatly enjoyed SR-CS-10 and SR-417, just as I appreciate loc
  9. The WL Training Award requires one year of tenure as a Webelos Den Leader. By definition, being the WA doesn't meet that. Of course, there is an open question, not addressed above. Is there actually any issue should a pack elect to approve 2 folks being registered as WL's rather than registering 1 WL and 1 WA. Not my pack, not my call, but I'm not seeing that being a significant issue. If that's an issue though, I'm quite certain the two leaders could, at least in theory, work well enough together to switch registration roles after one year, though the second server as WL
  10. I think the 'why' has been covered well. On shyness, we have had the occasional lad for whom 'stage fright' was far more real than the monsters in the closet. I learned early on they generally could join in and have a great time, provided they had minimal verbal requirements. More than one played a statue, and played it well, in the 'If I weren't a Cub Scout' song over the years (and loved doing it too).
  11. According to the Cub Scout Leader Handbook - 2005 Edition, 2nd Printing: Effective June 1, 2006, Tiger Cubs will join the rest of CUb Scouting in so far as the Bobcat is concerned, and Bobcat will be earned BEFORE the Tiger Cub rank badge. Effective June 1, 2006, Tiger Cubs will also use the Cub Scout motto instead of the Tiger Cub Motto. Shared leadership continues for Tiger Cubs. Within the 2005 2nd Printing of the CSLH, see these source pages: 2-4 | 18-4 | 19-4,5,6 Opinion: Despite the changes, I do not anticipate seeing a new Tiger Cub handbook until after the c
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