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  1. You could try sending your scouts to Whitestag Phase 1 in Monterey Ca, and your adults to Woodbadge anywhere. Just a thought...
  2. Actually scouting in many different councils around the country has had boys and girls (both from 10 1/2-18) attend jlt back in the 70s,80s, 90s, and early 00s. Its no suprise that national will eventually make it a standard that all training programs will be co-ed. The professional staff focus on the 3 M's which will enable a much larger group for membership if or when girls are accepted into the cirriculum. Thus in return for them, their numbers are higher in participation and the council will make more money. I know we as volunteers run our program and should decide on things like this,
  3. White Stag is another alternative source for leadership training. I have been investigating this program for the past year and so far the results are beyond amazing compared to our NYLT program. Not to say other NYLT programs may be superior to mine, however if you are interested in leadership development, this is definitely something to look at. Its how scouting truely used to be (50s, 60s,and 70s) integrated with modern up to date skills and cirriculum.
  4. if there is any interest regarding more information about this program, there is a web site that is very informative... www.whitestag.org
  5. I believe I can help address some information regarding this topic of discussion... Bob is correct about white stag and the new 21st century wood badge course. The two are not connected in anyway except from the help and leadership of another scouter like Bob who also was on the national task force in restructuring the new NYLT program. That scouter has been involved with the white stag program for a number of years. However the wood badge before the 21st century is structured from the white stag program. When white stag began in 1958, it truly redefined the way we teach leadership. It b
  6. yeah...i agree, and theres no importance from the question, just curiosity. I have met others who were young as well and basically these few individuals have dedicated their enitre life to scouting, putting the program before their work and families, which is no reason to have been awarded such an award, but in the same token if such an individual has that kind of determination and passion for the program of course the board may award a person like that on such a rare occasion. I agree with your statements.
  7. I was wondering if anyone knows who the youngest silver beaver recipient is. There is an asst. sm in our troop who claims he is the youngest silver beaver in the country at age 26...can anyone verify?
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