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  1. If you don't like to pay out money in advance and have unreturnable products left over check out: www.watkinsonline.com Click on "Join as a Nonprofit Organization." You group can have each family order for their own use, NO DOOR TO DOOR SALES, order as much or as little as you like, the products are shipped to your door, orders of $75 and up are shipped free, and each month Watkins will send your group a check for 19% to 33% of the retail sales. Watkins has been offering quality for 135 years. They originated the money back guarantee if not satisfied. No risk, no cost, si
  2. Check out WatkinsOnline.com. 19 to 33% profit from Watkins, in business since 1868. Yes! Since 1868. Based on self use of products families use every day. NO DOOR TO DOOR! You do NOT handle products. Order direct and the products are shipped right to your door. J. R. Watkins originated the money-back guarantee if not satisfied with his "Trial Mark" bottle. All the details at www.WatkinsOnline.com. Please use my ID# 049095 if interested. Scouting background furnished if requested. Thanks, John
  3. Mike Long In your travels have you ever heard of a Century Club that promoted hiking, biking, and canoeing. They offered patches to Scouts who accumulated 100 miles or more in the different categories. Also segment patches in 100 mile increments to 1000. The CC published a trail booklet that listed trails nationwide, with contacts, discription, and all details about the trail. My copy of the booklet has gone astray and the CC is no more. If you come across an extra copy I would appreciate getting in touch with you to acquire it. The trails that I find online do not qui
  4. My congratulations to grekronsz on completing his Eagle requirements. As a father of 4 Eagle Scouts (with hair over their ears) I realize the effort and dedication it takes to "Trail the Eagle." Always in my 30+ years of asking young Scouts to live the Scout Oath & Law I have tried to remember that the Scout is the most important reason for being involed. To put this young man in this position is sheer madness and just plain stupid. I think I can find some old Summer Camp Staff pictures with enough long hair Eagles to satisfy Samson. But I think grekonsz should handle it with dipl
  5. A BIG Amen to God Bless President Bush! And God Bless our veterans and all those who are in the service now. They are doing the job. As Todd Beamer said, "Let's Roll!"
  6. Hello Scouters: May I introduce myself? I am a veteran Scouter of 33 years. My 4 sons are Eagle Scouts. I am active on the Council level as a Campmaster for weekend camping, as a Wilderness Engineer maintaining our camp and with Troop 74 as an Assistant Scoutmaster. Iam a Watkins associate and WatkinsOnline has a NO-RISK, NO-COST fundraiser for non-profit groups. Watkins has been in business for 133 years and originated the money back guarantee. Contact me for more information by e-mail at johnschmidt1@msn.com or go to www.WatkinsOnline.com and click "join as a Nonprofit Organization." Us
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