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  1. Outings Chair question

    Thx for all the advice and feebback, I really appreciate it.
  2. Outings Chair question

    Oh that's very helpful FCScouter I guess the answer is "Cub Master"?? The real problem is that our CC has a problem 'letting go' and while she wants me to be Cub Master, she doesn't want me to be Cub Master and co-ordinate the pack program like I'm supposed to do. Know what I mean? Anyone else have this experience? She feels 'left-out' now that she doesn't have to have an active hand in actually making the pack activities happen (besides the planning and facilitating through funding and resources like the Committee is supposed to do). What to do? *sigh* I've left it alone for now as we're winding down for the year, but I really think she ought to concentrate on doing a good job of being a CC instead of still trying to be CM as well. Any advice? Thx
  3. Outings Chair question

    Hi, I'm a brand-new Cub Master and still learning the ropes. A question for you experienced Scouters out there ... Our pack does not have an outings chair -- who's responsibility would it be to plan, co-ordinate and execute the pack outings in this case? The Committee Chair or the Cub Master? I do understand that the pack program gets planned at the Annual Pack Planning meeting, and that it is a team effort, but who does the actual foot-work? Thx!
  4. About Receptive/Expressive disorder and Fuzzy Bear's advice .. "If he has another person that he trusts, then he may be able to open up during a review." -- and "Mom most likely does not trust that her son will be treated fairly, as her present actions indicate. Patience is a virtue and in the case where trust is an issue, then it is even more so." This is really important to keep in mind. Before my son was diagnosed with having a LD, I had a blow-out fight with his 1st grade teacher and the principal for the way he was being treated at school - and normally I am a very patient, good humored person and I do not get angry easily. My son suffered a tremendous blow to his self-esteem and confidence as a result of the incorrect handling he received in the 1st grade from this teacher, to the point where he refused to go back to school. It was only after I VERY clearly made the point of my son's LD that the school finally sat up and took notice and did something about the situation. Things are much better now and he is finally getting the help he needs at school - but this didn't happen until I really had steam and flames blowing out of every orifice! And that is not an exageration. I am sharing this because I can understand where this over-protective Mom is coming from, and I want to emphasize how important it is to try to learn to understand this child's disorder and to garner the trust of both the boy and his mother. They may have had similar difficulties at school etc. and so the Mom may feel the need to be 'on top' of things to make sure her son is treated fairly. However, it does sound as though she may need some help understanding how to properly help her son, she does sound a little overprotective. And I would like to add -- having a learning disability can affect a child's physical motor-skills too - making them more clumsy and not as able to participate very successfully in sports and activities that require good co-ordination. It is helpful to help these kids with exercises that will enable them to practice learning co-ordination and motorskills. In this instance, FS Scouter, the answer to your question .. "He plays games and talks to the other scouts, but won't fold his tent or eat the food they prepare." Is this related to his language disorder?" Yes, it can be related to his disorder, but it could also be Mom's fault at being too overprotective and not allowing him to learn how to do these things by himself (it may take him a little longer than the other boys, but there is nothing that should prevent him from being able to learn how to do these things).
  5. Hi, My 9 yr old son (Wolf Cub) has a learning disability (a form of dyslexia) which caused us to keep him back in Kindergarten, right now he's in the 2nd Grade but he is only at a 1st grade reading level. He is also in speech therapy. He is a very big boy for his age (tall) but he displays the character and personality of a typical 9 yr old (people mistakenly think he's 11 or 12 when first meeting him). He has social difficulties, is a little clumsy so doesn't do well in active sports as his co-ordination is a little off too. He is progressing well but, of course, he is in some respects not at the same level as other boys his age due to his difficulties. As a result, he finds it difficult to make friends (the other kids tease him and bully him, despite his size, because of his 'differences'). He has a very sweet gentle disposition, and is very talented in other areas (creative) and despite having trouble reading and writing he is very intelligent. I am the (new) Cub Master in our pack, so I am in a good position to make sure that he is treated fairly, and to help teach greater understanding among the other kids and parents for kids with disabilities, but the only problem I have is that at our pack and den meetings the kids treat him well, but when he's at school, some of these same boys that he's in scouting with has been picking on him. Any suggestions on how to approach this situation diplomatically with both kids and parents in the pack? I don't want to single my son out, but I do think it is an important issue to raise, without specifically mentioning my son or the kids involved in the actual bullying. Thx
  6. Greetings from OK

    Thx for the great suggestion about the reference material FunScout. I have more Cub Master'ng questions, but I'll ask them in the "Cub Scouts" topic area. Thx again for the friendly welcome. Scout Greetings, Anne
  7. Greetings from OK

    Thx gwd I really appreciate your taking the time to answer me - I'm going to give your advice a try. We have a round-up coming up on the 24th - we have only 11 boys in our Pack (8 Wolves, 2 Bears and 1 Webelos).
  8. Training training training ... Have you all attended the required training (Fast Start for Committee & Leader Specific for Committee)? This would be the first most important step. We have had similar issues in our pack, and it really detracts from being able to provide a quality program to the boys. These same issues actually ended up causing our pack to split. The leaders who were willing to go to training and work together as a team ended up in our Pack, and the non-willing were in the group that broke away. It got to the point where our DE had to get involved. Their 'new' pack is struggling for the mere fact that "ego" has no place in Cub Scouting. Training and team-work cannot be overemphasized enough. The boys have to be the very first consideration in all Pack leader decision-making.
  9. Greetings from OK

    Thx for the welcome I don't know how I'm going to be a DL and Cub Master at the same time either LOL -- it certainly is a lot of work. Right now I don't really have a choice as we have a shortage of leaders, but I'm hoping we can recruit some new leaders soon so that the DL part of it will just be temporary for me. Our CC is doubling temporarily as our Wolf leader and our COR is our Webelos leader. Just the reality of things I'm afraid, we're working on recruiting new leaders as I write this so that we can all concentrate on doing a good job for the roles we were recruited for. We need a Tiger DL too - and I somehow see one of us taking on that role temporarily too. Any tips on successfully recruiting new leaders will be very welcome! ;D Does the BSA have a "Warehouse of Leaders" we can order from? hehe If only it were that easy.
  10. Greetings from OK

    Hi, I'm new to the forum so just stopping by to say "Hey" I'm a new Cub Master to a pack out here in the backwaters of OK, just outside of Tulsa. I was Den Leader for our Wolf Den, then asked to be Pack Trainer. Now I'm Cub Master and DL for our Bears (starting June). I hope to get some good advice and tips from all you experienced CM's here - I'm excited about being CM and look forward to doing my best to live up to the responsibility. Thx and see ya on the boards.