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  1. Troop 72- www.troop72marlborony.org Pack 72- www.marlboroscouts.com I have designed them both myself, please reply if you think they are good
  2. The ordeal was very good.....I was so HUNGRY when we finally ate dinner. The lodge played a joke on us when we finally got to eat the brought us more of what we ate for lunch but way less and told us to eat it but then they told us they were joking and we finally got to eat and i ate SOOOO much. Thanks For All Who Posted
  3. Really? Good Thing I Just Got My Star!!!!
  4. Really? Well That Was One Of The Easier Ones For Me But No One Can Master Everything Like For Me It Was First Aid
  5. Yea I Agree With Basementdweller, Cub Scouts Are Way To Young To Use MySpace And P.s. If You Really Want A Easy To Use Scout Website Use webs.com And Make Sure You Have Every Ones Permission In The Troop Or Pack That You Can Post Their Picture Online.
  6. (This message has been edited by iScout95)
  7. What Was The Hardest Merit Badge Ever Taken For You?
  8. Thanks!!! I Will Post Next Week How I Did
  9. My Order OF The Arrow Ordeal Is Next Week Any Suggestions Of What To Bring Or What To Do When I Get There.
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