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  1. I like what several have already said.... no bylaws needed - use Cub Scout Leader Handbook; and not bylaws but rather procedures. When I was a CC I would send a group email to pack families with the highlights of committee meeting decisions. This became the reference point for new "rules" without having to publish something.
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    I echo Dsteele regarding the council and old books. I imagine that even if a council receives the books today that they will wait to sell off most of the old inventory before putting the new books out for sale. If I were a scouter wanting a new copy of one of these books I think I would try to order one through the 1-800 number on the catalog asking first if they have the new edition.
  3. I see you have to order the cloth from these folks for $45? I suppose it is non-profit!? I have been making these out of paper (print flag on 8.5 x 11" paper) for about 5 years now. On the last fold I put a lanyard though it, then coat with Elmers glue. Coat and let dry several times. Put red, white, and blue beads on each end then tie together. Makes a great temporary recogntion to hand on the boys pocket as a reward for ... learning to fold flag, learning other flag related stuff, or participating in a color guard for an important event.
  4. Here's something new I have not seen mentioned around here; Youth Protection Training online! Another Scouter told me about it the other night and I did not believe him. Checked it out myself. Although it does allow you to skim through the material, you do have to pass the test at the end (80%) to get certificate mailed to your council. I also think you may have to access it through a council link for it to work. This will be a good way to get those "I don't have time to go to another meeting" adults trained. http://www.scouting.org/pubs/ypt/ypt.jsp
  5. Thanks for all the responses, I knew I could depend on all of you. In my article, I intend to cite this forum as one of my top three sources of excellent information. (Between actual manuals and networking with leaders at Roundtable.) To respond to a few here: KWC57 Funny you should mention it, I am writing about uniforming and will be looking for one of the annual forum discussions about whether a uniform is required next. FScouter The "travel in class A" was the actual rule I was looking for in my original post. Yes, I think it is accepted as "fact" most everywhere. Eamonn My ph
  6. I found the link this morning: http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=23583#id_23608 Thanks for your help. Of course my interest is piqued regarding YPT for 2 years also.
  7. I am currently working on a training document and one point I am trying to make is that not everything you hear from scout leaders, even district trainers, is correct. Much of it is what someone else told them, heresay, and that new leaders should also refer to manuals. To make my point, I would like to point out an example of a common misconception of the rules that is frequently taught by district leadership. A while back there was a discussion about if it was really a rule that you had to wear class A when traveling to and from events. I would like to find that thread again, or
  8. (I submit these for the local district newsletter, so hey, why not share here too!) I wrote this a few years back for a pack newsletter, but it is still valid today. It may be useful to you for encouraging scouting families not to drop out of scouting during the end of the year, or over the summer. Dividends of Scouting You could skip Scouting and do all the same things with your boy and save a little money. But, for many of us, a structured program makes it easier to get things done. As pitiful as it is, I know I would not spend as much time with my son if it were not for t
  9. Yes, publications online, available for all to reference. CD would be nice, but online has an advantage. Not all parents would have the CD, but you could easily tell a parent, "yes it is a rule, and you can view it at www.bsapub.org/scoutmasterhandbook/outdoorprogram/safeswim If they go see it or not is another thing, but it gives them no excuse. Kinda like letting all parents come and vote at committee meetings... you can always say, "you had your chance two months ago when we made todays plans to have your say and change plans/policy/etc.
  10. I would just like to add an additional comment to what I said earlier. If the boy can (and does) pass the test without aids, then I see no reason for him not to be able to use them as he pleases during fun swimming. If the boy tries to pass the test without them and can't then it means there is a strong potential for him to drown. (It will happen that these aids will get knocked off, leak, etc, during normal use.) After all, this is the spirit of the rules; to keep a boy out of danger. It is the spirit of a rule that should guide you in your interpretation of the rule. In t
  11. Youngblood: Stick to your guns. If a boy can't swim in deep water without aids, then he has no business in the deep water! I believe you have taken the stance of a responsible adult and someone I could trust my son with. I do not know what the Irving, Texas interpretation of the rules is, but I suspect the "no aids" statement from G2SS is a strong clue! I would not argue to much about earning the swimming merit badge with aids while an instructor watched this specific boy ready to rescue him. But I don't think that same boy should be allowed in water over his head with only group
  12. This from the Red Cross webpage at www.redcross.org: Red Cross and Boy Scouts Sign Historic Training Agreement Millions will be equipped with lifesaving techniques as the Boy Scouts become an authorized provider of Red Cross health and safety programs. An interesting read -- check it out!
  13. FLIP2028 said, " . . . pocket knife on campouts? Any suggestions for one?" I recommend you DON'T choose any knife that is offered by Trails End Popcorn as a reward for sales. My son already owned a knife when he received one of these Trails End knives. He brought the knife to me and said, "I must have got a left-handed knife." I was mystified, "what?!" He said when he tried to cut that the dull side was where the sharp side should be. After inspecting the knife I found that of course it was cheaply made, but it was assembled correctly. The knife was just so dull that my 4t
  14. Would one of you fine Scouters please pass the salt, pepper, and perhaps some of that salsa. I am hoping it will improve the taste of the crow being served here. Arrived in the mail today, one copy of the R&R, and one copy of the C&B. Guess all councils, districts, and paid Scouters are not alike. I am big enough to say when I was wrong. Ahem . . . I was wrong. As another follow up, Bob White was correct; nothing too much of interest in there for 99.9% of scouters.
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