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  1. I have 1 Suffolk County Council and 2 Cradle Of Liberty Coucil patches to trade; I will soon be getting more but would first try to trade these off; Please email me at Crazyrebel2028@hotmail.com with patches you'd like to trade; It doesnt matter to me since i only have about 23 patches.. Please email me with what patches and I will try to get back to you asap.
  2. Odd Patrol names? Lets see. I was just at summer camp. From Summer camp: Playboy Duckvader Smite Me Flying Frog Iron Frog Rebels Bandits [same troop as rebels] From My Troop We have had The Radioactive Elephants Toiletrees Duh Fire Fantastic Four
  3. In my troop the older scouts always come. See Camp Horseshoe always has something different going on. Like This year they had a few different themes a few different games.. The older scouts come anyways for the fun of it. We have a few of the guys take a few days off from college to come hang out at camp.. I myself love it; there is always a merit badge going on that they havent done.
  4. I have 2 of the new Chester County (red) I may have 2 old ones (yellow) if i can find them , but Im wondering would anyone like to trade for one? Im looking for any patches.. Just send me an email Crazyrebel2028@hotmail.com and well work it out.. Thanks!!!
  5. Hey, I just had a court of honor to goto. Not for me just a few scouts where every single scout had to go. It was pretty cool. The Chester County Scout Princepal person was there and he brought a gift for all the eagle scouts. It was an Eagle Feather with 12 beads representing the Scout Law. Is this what most eagle scouts get? If not what are some other things eagle scouts get?
  6. Any of you carry a pocket knife on campouts? Any suggestions for one??/ I would like to get one. J W Also is anyone from any councils in pa?
  7. Hey, Im looking for some old rank badges. It can be from Tenderfoot- Eagle, I dont care. I don't have any patches to trade only for the Chester County Council if anyone is interested in that. But otherwise I would really like to find these. Thanks Filip Tenderfoot Troop 105 Chester County Council PA
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