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  1. Just taking a poll: Of those who have done a first aid meet, how many have rotating judges and how many have rotating patrols? We've found that judges are able to study and judge the problem better if they stick with one problem throughout the meet: Less preperation time, and the staff are able to easily if (not that it happens often) there is a problem with the judging of a problem. Our main concern with judges is maintaining consistency with the paired judges: that is, we run two "flights" (A/B) on the same floor, with 16 problems going in each flight. So we will two of the same problem,
  2. Nice entries, glad to hear of ideas from other folks involved in First Aid Meets. We've been having an annual first aid meet for approx 30 yrs now, we're utilizing moulage and makeup for realism as well. I've been wanting to do the 911 phone call scenario for awhile now, I'm gonna try that next year. I would like to offer the idea of a "bye" an informational space placed into the round robin. This gives the Scouts a chance to take a breather, regroup, and check their equipment (which gets pretty used half way thru these events) We usually schedule a medical or 1st aid group from around the are
  3. Looking for any information regarding the Midwest First Aid Meet held in the 30's-50's? Trying to determine the location of the meet, when it was held, its origin, etc. Any information helpful, I'm working on a display for our annual First Aid meet. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have any history on the Outdoor Code, is it a Scouting invention, or is it an adoption of an external practice, like leave no trace? I don't seem to find much info on its creation when searching....thanks all...
  5. Just heard from at our District kick-off that one of my WB patrol members was involved in an accident last week returning from Philmont. Unfortunately, injury to his leg was severe enough to force amputation, and he's forced to recoup in Kansas City, not able to get home for 3 weeks or so. A few extra words to the Great Scoutmaster tonite would be great, folks......
  6. I have a cheap indiglo timex of my father-in -law (who's passed away) actually puts out just enough lite in the tent to look thru the pack during the nite...or to see what time it is..
  7. We've had an activity (a bit of planning on your part if you bring the ingredients) in which we display a list of items (milk, bisquick, beef (or some type of meat) pie filling, onion,spuds, etc) and then have the Scouts determine a meal from the ingredients. It's interesting (and sometimes suprising) to see the different concotions the boys come up with (stew, pot pies, pizza, etc) . Or...provide those ingredients to all during a campout, if you want to see the whole "game" in action..
  8. Our Troop (as I'm sure others) have established a uniform bank for Scouts who decide to leave the Troop or outgrow their old uniforms. These are just the ticket for new scouts or scouts who need extras for Summer Camp. Takes a while to get started, but works for us....
  9. I found the fleece "blanket bags" work nicely in the winter time with a mummy style bag, resolves the "cold zipper" syndrome, and keeps the bag clean, as you can easily take the fleece out & wash it. I've seen them on sale for 9.99 at times...well worth the investment. Another tip: although tempting..DON"T stick your head in your bag! You will be exhaling moist air into your bag..and that's not good.
  10. Air matresses are fine...till the weather cools down. Not the best for winter camping, it's back to the closed cell foam for me when the temperature drops....although the new "self inflaters" aren't as bad.
  11. Seems a periodic uniform inspection, be it at the troop or pack level, might catch a few of those "sequential patch trees" and "wandering patches"...not to mention other uniform infractions that tend to come up with most units... Your Council should have the necessary charts depicting the placement of patches..We have them available as soon as the Scout joins...
  12. Our Troop has a w/end campout every month Jan-December. In July we have our week long summer camp and in early Aug, a weeklong summer trip or high adventure. Been a 60 year tradition that (barring camporees and holidays) the last w/end has been the Scout campout. And I'm glad to have gone on those campouts for half of the 60 years. Keep the outing in Scouting, to use an over-used (but not always practiced) cliche.
  13. From ALC in sunny Auburn, Ill, but not familiar with this...do you have any info?
  14. Another 1st aid related question: (and thanks for the quick reply on the last question, I'm impressed on the knowledge bank here: Any ideas as to the setup of the regional 1st aid meets, held in the 1950-60's: I know at least the Midwest (Old Region 7) area held these: I know rating patches (A/B/C) were given out based on the scores: were these held intercouncil, intracouncil? I have a set of the rating patches, and I believe this was going on when I was still a Cub...any thoughts?
  15. Thanks for the tips...and the thoughts on the red cross/green cross evolution. Great to hear some ideas on this, I've been coming up w/very little on it. (I'm gonna like this forum)
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