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  1. Sending the new Boy Scout (he's 10) to a week of summer camp. Sending our Girl Scouts (a Brownie who's 8, and a Junior who's 12) to a week of summer camp as well. Now, if only the camps could have fallen on the same week ... the wife and I could have been "kidless" for a few days.
  2. Hi all. My son is getting ready to cross over into a Boy Scout troop next month. We received a "Personal Health and Medical Record" form to fill out, which includes immunization dates. I pulled out his immunization records and noticed he hasn't had the "Hepatitis A" immunization. I talked to a nurse, and she said it isn't a required immunization. My question is -- Does the BSA require this immunization? Or can I just put "n/a" on the form for Hepatitis A? (And also for "Polio"?) Thank you. BTW, I did a search on this and didn't see anything. I apologize if this has been discussed before.
  3. Welcome. I just joined a few weeks ago myself. I grew up in Scott City. Went to Fort Hays and KSU. I''m in Illinois now.
  4. We turned off the cable in April. It was costing too much for what we were getting (cartoons). We replaced it with a subscription to Netflix. The kids never complained. They got out of the house more, and we have seen a ton of movies we always wanted to see (e.g., Follow Me Boys.)
  5. jr56 - Where at in western Kansas? I grew up in western Kansas (Scott City).
  6. EagleInKY - Great advice, thank you. And, yes, I have enjoyed reading the "A Nation of Wimps" article and the replies. Three years ago, having only camped once, we bought a used camper and have gone out nearly every weekend in the spring/summer/fall since then. We go thousands of miles every year. It not only helps the wife and I keep our sanity, but the kids love it. It gets us back to nature, the skinned knees, etc. OldGreyEagle - Bartonville, near Peoria. CrewMomma - We are really enjoying the Cub Scout time, and we are looking forward to Boy Scouts. We have both our girls in Girl Scouts also.
  7. Hi. I have been reading this forum every day for the last several months, so I decided to post something to show my presence. I was only a cub scout for a couple of years when growing up, so I missed a lot of this scout stuff. My son is a Webelos II now, and loves it. So do I. I am an assistant Webelos den leader. My latest obsession is learning about scouting, and I love reading everyone's posts.
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