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  1. Vol, Damages are currently limited to what the plaintiff can convince the jury to award. What you are asking for is some external limit that not only limits the award, but freedom and liberty. If I think I've been damaged $15 dollars, I should be able to go before my peers and ask them to award me $15. If they think my damages are only $10, so be it. If they think its $20, well who am I to complain. But I should not have the freedom and liberty to ask for the $15 limited by some external force. Like the federal government.
  2. I'd rather not rely on the charity of the current religious right to service those who do not follow their theology. Their record is not good.
  3. The problem with loser pay, is that the little guy is at a huge disadvantage. The well funded defendant can stall, continue, delay and drain the resources from the little guy. Thus forcing the verdict by default. Take a family of modest means who have a child who is given a bad diagnosis and treatment that leaves the child disabled. The defendant is a Catholic hospital with the resources of the Vatican behind it. Who do you think will prevail? Will the family faced with a loser pays even try? Probably not. Is that freedom and liberty?
  4. What if they weren't religous?
  5. So to fix the problem of a few bad lawsuits, you'd prefer we take away our liberty and freedom? I just don't think that's a good trade.
  6. What would be the alternative Vol? Limiting the freedom for me to sue a hack for butchering my child?
  7. Our entire economy is transitioning to service and technical. We've outsourced all our manufacturing and destroyed our labor unions. So when you graduate from HS, you have two choices, go into service or go to college. And since the economy is in the tank, many of the college folk from the technical fields are competing in the service fields. This pushes those without any college education to a huge disadvantage. If your kids aren't able to compete against the higher educated college folk, they are at a huge disadvantage. Better for them to learn, "You want fries with that?"
  8. Vol, Is it not better to have a system where grievances are heard and decided than a system where grievances are stifled? Which system supports the idea of freedom and liberty?
  9. Brent, those judges were defeated after the spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign money to defeat them. You think its wise to have judges having to look over their shoulders when rendering justice on who might campaign against them? That is not the America I want to live in.
  10. When one only considers their contribution vs. their personal benefit, SS is a bad investment. It isn't an investment, its a social program. Consider the cost of having the elderly, infirm, incompetent living on the street in destitute poverty. Of being one step away from losing everything you've worked for. That is a cost not often calculated in to the overall benefit of the program. Go ahead, envision eliminating it. Put most of the elderly out on the street to beg for scraps. Put the invalid and incompetent out on the street to do whatever it takes to survive. Then calculate i
  11. That sounds more like a case of legal malpractice by the defending attorney than a case of medical malpractice. Should the same courtesy be applied to the defending attorney?(This message has been edited by gernblansten)
  12. How many degrees of separation is necessary to avoid the taint of tax supported? I'm an independent contractor providing support to a giant defense contractor. I get paid from a company that gets paid to build WMD for the USA. How about the Subway franchise just outside our security gate that survives on the lunch crowd from the plant? Or the SBA loan holder on the Subway franchiser who enabled the business working capital to even start up? or the secretary at the bank that provided the SBA loan to the Subway franchiser who is paying daycare for her three kids while she processes SBA
  13. Danny Noonan: I planned to go to law school after I graduated, but it looks like my folks won't have enough money to put me through college. Judge Smails: Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too. Lacey Underall: [to Danny] Nice try.
  14. Well, if disappointed with the results of the 2010 elections, at least we have our 2nd Amendment remedies to fall back on.
  15. 100% Eagle? Never heard that before. What is the percentage of scouts in the LDS program that started as cubbies and obtain Eagle. I think its about 5% Nationally. I'm pretty sure the LDS is higher than average, but what is the success to Eagle percentage for the LDS run units? If its that high, I'd suggest the BSA abandon traditional programs and follow the LDS one. They clearly are doing it the right way. Eh?
  16. Think of the mess we would have been in had Bush been able to "invest" it in the stock market back in 2005!
  17. Are you saying Republicans would benefit from WoodBadge?
  18. Yeah, health reform was a joke. My insurance premiums are increasing now at the same rate as they were when Bush ignored the problem. Should have gotten medicare for all.
  19. Yes, thank you LBJ. My father had a massive stroke at 47. Me and my siblings lived off his disability SS while my mother went back to work to make ends meet. Without it, we would have lost everything since my grandparents were also on SS and couldn't support another family. Yes, thank you LBJ.
  20. "Gay marriage opponents spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the campaign. A group of former governors, lawyers and judges said the justices' removal would threaten Iowa's independent judiciary." That statement right there should send chills down your spine. The courts are now bought and controlled by the big spenders and special interests. So much for blind justice.
  21. Americans fell for the old line, "Baby, just give me one more chance"
  22. Brent's right. Liberals are going down in flames tonight. When climbing out of a deep hole, and you don't see the light at the top, sometimes its best to just jump back down to the bottom of the hole where you started. Sometimes.
  23. Sorry Gary, But you have only confirmed my opinions. I won't speak for others here, but from my observations, your program is not in anyway similar to the one I'm involved with.
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